i need ur comment ??  

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1/16/2006 10:02 pm

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i need ur comment ??

anyone of u experiance makeing love with a women older than u ... please share ..

jockularityjoe 57M
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1/17/2006 1:08 am

Mrs.B was thirty years my senior.To this day I will never forget her.Those soft eyes smiling at me as she took charge and seduced me for the first time.I was aghast at first but soon discovered she was no virgin.Her nipples were as pink as the day she was born.And her muscle control on my dick was like no other.Her squeeze was the light of my sexual life.Never since she passed have I even cumm close to the experience of mrs.B.The way we hit it off was something to behold.I was washing her windows in the fall,She had me come in to get a few streaks I missed.Then it happened.we touched and sparks flew.She sheepishly smiled and said that was a nice feeling I just gave her.And I just got my ball's about me and leaned over and kissed her like we had done it many times before.As her hand reached for my hardning cock I slipped off her shirt to reveal my glory girl's tits,My God those nipples were erect like a soldier.That afternoon we had raw sex three times more and many times since till her passing.It was honest,pure and just plain fun fun fun,Love the older ones it pays to be kind to them.Mrs.B allways left a note to a treasure she hid somewhere in town if I found it then I had to take it back to her and earn my next clue.know what I mean

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