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Love MFM and would love to organise Adult Parties

My Stranger in The Night.(My Fantasy)

We were holidaying on the island of Whaiheke, the hotel we were staying in was a 10 story affair. The spa bath, swimming pool and showers where on the top floor. The hotel was not overly full. The largest group was a group of salesman that was having a convention there. That particular day it had ended and most were packing up.

We had been there a week and we often went into the bar where Beverley was the major event. Whenever she walked in dressed in her short black skirt all the heads turned, excited conversation soon erupted at the guys table, I could imagine what they where saying. It was the same scene played every time Bev and I entered the bar, Bev could be wearing her swimming suit, her grey slacks, anything the guys eyes would follow her legs and bum till she sat down. On the times we sat at the bar, it was inevitable that the guys would make there way to the bar so that they could be close to us, their eyes riveted on Bev's tits and face.
It was in the afternoon and I was waiting for Bev to return to our hotel room, she was later than usual, but I never gave it a thought as she was doing her shopping for some clothes. It was about 9 am when the door burst open, Bevs hand full of parcels, her face flushed and her hair was like a wind storm had hit it and she was dressed in some of the new clothes she had just bought.

"Charles you are not going to believe the strangest thing that has just happened to me…”

I got into the lift and on the second floor the lift stopped, this salesman guy climbed in and pushed his floor, at the six floor this guy steps forward and pushes the stop button on the lift. Without saying a word he turns around, takes my hands and pins them above me, his hand swishes up my skirt and he grabs my fanny. As he did this he bent forward and planted his lips to mine in a crushing kiss. I was too shocked to do anything. He then moved his hand up under my blouse and started to feel my tits, still kissing me.
Although he was firm he did not hurt me at all. He stopped kissing me and looked me straight in the eyes and said "Since I first saw you walk into the bar on that first night in this same black mini skirt I have fantasized about making love to you in every possible way, to feel those lovely legs, to kiss those luscious lips, to caress your smooth soft body, to make love to you in every
position I know"
He started kissing me again passionately in the lift again, he ripped my blouse off, buttons flying and started to kiss my breasts, his hand under my skirt, one hand started to pull my knickers down while his other hand felt my bum. The pure surprise and speed that it happened, I did not know what to do. To be quite honest I have started to feel quite turned on, as he was not hurting me. I melted into his arms as he caressed and kissed me. I moved my head back so that he could get to my neck. I had no control of my body, it was throbbing with anticipation, I tried to tell him to stop but the words were weak and filled with desire. My hands were suddenly scratching his back, my one hand dropped to his pants; I pulled his cock out of his pants and played with it. It was already big hard and throbbing. I was masturbating him while he kissed my whole body, his hands working magic by there firm but gently touches. He pulled my one leg off the floor and put it around his waist, I drooped his pants and while I was standing there like this he shoved his cock deep into me, I thought he would battle but my fanny was already wet and waiting for him to fuck me. I was a totally different person, I felt possessed. He pushed his cock slowly into me, he started banging my fanny as I was pinned to the wall, it was a urgent, furious, erotic and a exciting fuck. He lifted me up off the floor, I put my legs around his waist, doing this I could feel his cock go deeper into me. My hands around his neck, I kissed and bite a love bite into his neck. He kissed my tits as he pumped my fanny furiously. In no time I could feel I wanted to cum, he was nearing his orgasm as well and we both cum in a scream of pleasure.

He held me there a little while he slowly fucked the last bit of his cum into me, our cum was dripping down his legs. Whispering into my ear he said "that's just the one way I have fantasized about making love to you, you keen to see the other positions I fantasized about” I bite his neck and scratched his back "Yes I am very keen to find out more"

He put me down and started to straighten himself out. I was on the floor picking up my ripped blouse when he bent down to pick up his pants and I do not know what came over me but I could not resist the temptation to grab his bum and bite it. He just grabbed my head and groaned in pleasure.” What am I going to get dressed in, you ripped my blouse"
"You can get dressed later on when we are finished up at the showers, anyway its your fault for arousing men in the way you walk and talk, your fault you are so sexy and beautiful" he laughed
"mm men" was all I could say.
He pushed the button for the top floor showers and he stood by the door so that nobody could get in the lift, I was still standing there with only my skirt on, my breast hanging free. At the showers he peeped to see if any one was there then he grabbed me by the hand and we ran giggling down the corridor half naked into the shower room. We had a nice hot spa bath, and there was no way I could get hold of you to join us, so I thought this will never happen again in my life so I am going full hog with the flow. To be quite honest I was to randy and ready to fuck this stranger again and again that I totally lost track of time.

He fucked me doggy style in the shower, I sat on him and fucked him in the spa, he lay on top of me and fucked me again on the nurse table, He held me upside down and sucked and kissed my pussy. I was coming every 20 minutes in a different position, it was so erotic, and I felt like I was dreaming. We fucked for hours, when he said he had to go. I told him to lie down and relax, I took his cock into my mouth and gently at first sucked it, lovingly kissing and caressing it. My hands played with his balls. I wanted to give him the best blowjob he had ever had, just to say thank you for a unforgettable, Sensual, erotic and passionate day. To say, thank you for pleasuring me that way. He came in my mouth and as I swallowed his hot cum, he squeezed me tightly.

We got dressed and left and now here I am.” Holy shit, and I am having a great day here watching a friggen movie" Charles said as he took me into his arms and kissed me. "Hope you enjoyed yourself and by the way what was his name"
"First question oh yes it was lovely, I will tell you all over again, I may have missed a position or two that we fucked in. Question two I honestly do not know, I never asked him and he never said"
That night in the bar we caught a glimpse of him getting into a taxi, he turned to Bev and blew her a kiss, Bev blew one back at him, he caught it and held his hand to his lips. "There goes my stranger in the night" That was the last we ever saw of him.
"Charles you know we could call what happened " she giggled
"Yes Bev, the hard part is who who" I countered.

Havethelot2 64M

9/12/2005 3:57 am

The train pulled into the station. It was the night train between Auckland and Wellington. One I had traveled several times and each time I hoped I would have a trip I would not forget.
Getting on the train I could see the carriage was filling up. I selected a seat at the end of the carriage where if my dreams were to come true there would be the possibility of not being easily seen by the guard as they came through checking tickets after each stop.
I spread out on the double seat and pretended to be asleep to stop the ‘wrong’ person sitting next to me. In my head I could see her. Medium height, largish breasts, exciting lips, and wearing jeans so tight they left nothing to the imagination.
Slowly the train pulled away from the station and the seat remained empty. While disappointed I thought there are more stops and hoped one station would provide what I was wanting.
As the train picked up speed and gently rocked from side to side I noticed her sitting in the seat across the aisle. She was looking out the window but trying not to lean against the person who was seated next to her. I wonder I thought.
Leaning across I asked her if she would like the window seat as I had completed the trip several times and looking at the countryside bathed in moonlight was not of any particular interest to me. She said she would like to and moved across to the window seat.
Now I could see her silhouette in the window. Her hair was tucked up in a knot on her head and I realized if it was to be let down it would reach the middle of her back. Her eyes invisible in the light glistened as if she was remembering something sad that may have recently happened to her. While the carriage was heated it was still slightly cold and she had kept her jacket pulled tightly around her but even then I could see the outline and imagine the sight of her breasts which would be firm to touch but even firmer to the tongue.
As the trip progressed the rocking of the train lulled me into a light sleep. As I was swaying with the carriage I felt a hand being placed on my thigh. I opened one eye as I did not want to startle her if she was nodding off but to my surprise I saw she was watching me intently. Was this it I thought? As if still asleep I slumped down in the seat and splayed my legs giving her easy access to me if she wanted. Slowly I felt her hand creep up my leg until he was massaging me and obviously enjoying the feeling of my cock as it grew. Through my jeans she ran her hand over me and between my legs with long slow strokes all the while watching my face intently for any sign of enjoyment. I could hardly stand the teasing that was happening. Then I noticed that with her other hand she was simultaneously stroking herself and gently writhing obviously feeling the same stirrings I was.
As time passed I was straining to release myself from my jeans and wondered how I could do this when I realized she had stopped. Opening my eyes I saw her looking at me.
“I have a blanket in the locker” she said. “Don’t go away I’ll be back.”
She got up from her seat and I could see her nipples were hard and her jacket and blouse had been unbuttoned so she could show me what I could look forward to.
Returning to the seat with the blanket she placed it over us and looking into my eyes said “I want to cum tonight on this train and you are going to make me cum.”
Nodding nervously I agreed when I felt her hand gently pulling my face down to her breasts. I gently licked her nipples and running my tongue around in ever increasing circles I used the complete surface of my tongue to lick her breasts especially the underneath which was very sensitive to my tongue. I could feel her start to moan and writhe in the seat. Feeling my way with my hands I grabbed at the jeans and pulled them down to expose the most beautifully trimmed pussy I had ever seen. This was possible as she had raised the blanket to allow the moonlight to shine in and let me see the treasure trove I was about to pirate.
I slid down out of my seat and sat on the floor with her legs each side of my head. She moved forward so that my tongue could reach her inner lips while my hands played with her nipples which were still rock hard and aching with desire. My tongue licked the sides of her pussy, gently darting here there and everywhere flicking insistently on her clit, each time causing her to gasp a little. She moved her body forward on the seat allowing me even more access to her moist juicy honey pot. Rubbing my hands up her back I could feel her body tensing as she was building towards her climax. Reaching up with one hand I gathered her breasts in one hand while sliding my other hand down until I could slide first one then two fingers inside her reaching up to find the spot that combined with my licking her clit would give her an orgasm she would remember for a while.
Biting her lip she was now groaning and writhing not wanting to climax but also knowing that she really wanted to.
Suddenly I stopped. The result was immediate.
“Don’t stop”, she begged me.
The intensity in her voice was an indication of how much she wanted me to keep going. Slowly I started again. Knowing that it would take her a while to build up again, I focused entirely on her clit licking it forcefully until she again was lifting her hips to meet my tongue. This time with each of my hands I tweaked her nipples with various degrees of force, some hard some soft, some sharp some slow squeezes.
This time I wasn’t going to stop so as her juices kept flowing over my lips I kept licking her until she could not hold back and with an immense shudder I felt her body relax as she allowed the climax to take over and she collapsed back into the seat.
I moved back into the seat beside her, my cock straining for release.
Suddenly I felt her get up beside me gather up her blanket and move back to her original seat.
“What’s the matter?” I asked.
“Nothing,” she said, “I just wanted to cum as I said and I wanted you to do it for me. Thanks it was great.”
As the train pulled into the next stop she got off, blowing me a kiss as she went.
I never saw her again on any other train trips.

Beautcreature 41M

10/11/2005 9:21 am

Great Waiheke story.
It can be a most sexy place, esp. in the summer. Naked sunbathing... skinny dipping...
Poor Charles, though. Not getting to join in, but being super-teased with the telling of the tale. I hope he got off on it as much as I did.

I, too, 'Love MFM' - and FMF... and, indeed, groups of any size & mix - 'and would love [for you] to organise Adult Parties'...

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