Watch Out World, I'm Back!  

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3/31/2005 9:11 pm

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Watch Out World, I'm Back!

(Post from 10-15-04)

Well I can't say this day hasn't been eventful. I started out going to work and just had a feeling that weird shit was going to happen. Work went relatively smooth until she entered the picture. You know the one, with the midnight black hair, advanced belly and the ability to leap over tall gamers in a single bound. Yeah her. Well she invites me over for dinner tonight and I think, "Yeah, I can eat." So I'm all set for dinner until I realize that I don't have any lunch. What can I say, genius doesn't always come fully equipped. But that gets taken care of easily enough. Then I get this barage of morons calling me about Junior High algebra, formatting org charts, and doing things with Excel that were only meant to be seen in Peter North videos. Typical Thursday. Well, I'm winding down my day until I get this notice that my account is overdrawn. Okay, so it's not exactly overdrawn but there is money missing that was supposed to be slated for my utilities. Great, my landlord/roommate from hell is going to freak. OK, so I have to tell him and pray that he hasn't already deposited the check that I gave him. But wait, it couldn't just be a simple "We need to talk". No, he's talking with this guy from Sprockets and it sounds like he's trying to get the guy to move into the house, so I go to introduce myself. I ask the guy if he's thinking about moving in and landlord/roommate/asshole asks, "Why, are you thinking about moving out?" The best part is he said it with a smile. I wanted to smack him into next week, but that's when I get paid, so no good.

Anyway, I tell him what the deal is and by the grace of God my other roommate, SuperFratBoy lends me the money to pay him the utilities until I can pay him back next week, whodathunkit? Not me. But hey, I just said thank you and got my knee pads ready.

I don't know why but that little escapade was just too much for me and so I kindly asked for a rain check on dinner until tomorrow. Besides, it's not a school night there'll be more eating Okay, my mind is back in my pants (sorry for the interlude). But I decide I need to stay within the nice, peaceful, semi-drama-free confines of my home. So SuperFratBoy is fixing his computer and I check in on that when who decides to IM me but SFB's ho-to-be. Now let me tell you, this one is just trouble (which is exactly what I named her). So Trouble jumps on-line and I'm just laying into her. She's still in college and thinks she knows it all (go figure) so it's just fun sometimes. She is all on this boy's dick like stink on shit but she won't give in because she's got a bf in Ohio, she's got a minor past with him, and she's chicken shit. So I called her on it and this just blew her mind. She's the type that gets so obnoxious that most folks just give up. As you either already know or will soon find out, I am NOT most folks. So I give her the Dr. Phil/Dr. Ruth schpeel and she's agreeing but you can hear the chastity belt closing up. Don't know why but this girl is determined to keep herself from sex until she explodes. Whatever, it's her life she can fuck with it if she wants to, but then again, so can I. She's eating it up and all of a sudden she wants to ask me about my ex, who she met at the party last week. WTF?!?!?!?!

I called my ex last night after the debates and we talked for all of about 45 seconds. We've played phone tag tonight and I just gave up. I am just tired. I'm done chasing after her. I'm done chasing after anyone. Don't get me wrong, this woman is the real-deal and whoever finally gets her is either going to wind-up being her bitch or the luckiest man alive. Still, I'm done with it. I have bent in ways I didn't know was possible to do without nylon rope and a T-cross. I'm done because at this point I'm just bent out of shape. So, she can go fuck and fuck with whoever she wants and if she gets tired of that shit, she can go fuck herself. I'm done. Now don't quote me on this because some part of me still loves her so anything is fair game, but for now I say fuck it. I have a good, well ok, well mediocre, ok I have a job. I also have a nice house, a cool roommate, a business I'm starting, a belly dancer who invites me to dinner, and college girls that need to be taught the difference between their pussy and a hole in the wall. I think I'll manage.

Truthfully, I haven't felt like this in a long time and there's a big part of me that's screaming, ABOUT FUCKING TIME!

Wow, I have cursed an awful lot in this posting. For those of you who still have virginal ears, stay tuned. No really, I don't curse this much when I'm talking with my mouth, this is just what I'm thinking when I tell you how nice you look, or it's good to hear from you, or "Thank you for calling PC Helps...". So, I hope you'll excuse me if I allow my brain to communicate what my mouth is rarely able to. May your martinis be dry and your nights be wet.

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