The lunacy of a local small town bar..  

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6/18/2005 12:49 am

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The lunacy of a local small town bar..

So.. Just got home from a night out. Been a while since I've gone out by myself. Had a good time. New York City is the same all the time.. Beautiful people, Beautiful times. (as long as you know where to go and when)..

On the way home, I decide to stop by a little bar I've always been curious about.. Well, needless to say.. I now know why I never hung out in those places..

Packed wall to wall with drunk people all looking for the one night hookup. Surprisingly, a bar like that would never have Belvedere, but they did. It was about the only saving grace of the experience.. There's something to be said about a good vodka.

Outside, while smoking a cigarette, I amuse myself by watching all these underaged kids try to get in with their horrible fake IDs, lame excuses of how they know the owner, Sleazy half-drunk come-ons to the doorman.. I felt like I was watching an episode of "The Simple Life".. Entertaining to a certain degree. I find it amusing to see that people actually find this fun. They were dancing to "Tiffany".. I was thinking to myself, "".

So I quickly down my drink and drive home before I get sucked into yet another bad flashback of my college days..

I come home and I get yet another IM! now.. if I'm actually gonna be around for these it'd be great..

Well.. One more cigarette and it's time to pass out.. Tonight was my first Solo foray into singledom in 7 years.. I'd say it was a success. I met some interesting people, had some good times, saw a truly phenomenal New Club in the city.. had 2 bottles of belvedere and a bottle of Veuve.. 7/10 experience.. The other 3 would involve meeting someone worthwhile.. Soon. Hopefully.


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