Mystery woman and the Weekend  

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6/17/2005 5:07 pm

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Mystery woman and the Weekend

Well.. It's all said and done.. I'm once again headed into another eventful weekend. First off to a new club opening (well.. it's a private party.. The club isn't formally open yet). Then who knows.. We always end up with a bigger group then we start with.. lol.. It comes with the territory I guess.

So this week.. I get this IM from someone babie_****** and she leaves me an IM about how she liked my profile and she asks me whether I would like to see hers.. So I replied to her yes, but she won't get the IM unless she logs on.. The curiousity is killing me, because I'd love to chat with her. I don't know why, but I'm incredibly curious as to who she is.. Normally, I wouldn't care, but for some odd reason, this time.. I actually am wondering.. Well.. I haven't seen her online.. and since she knows my screen name, I can only surmise that it came from here.

So.. Mystery babie_?????? if you're reading this.. Drop me a line.. I'd love to chat. I just have no idea why, but there's something about the situation that's got me intrigued.

I guess I'm a sap for Serendipity and Fate. I've always believed in it. I guess I always will.. I'm not too superstitious, but I definitely am in this case. I'm tempted.. to say the least..

so off to dinner, loungin, a few bottles of wine, champagne, and vodka.. See where it leads.. Where it goes..

ps - Mystery woman.. if you see me out, approach me since I don't know what you look like, but you know what I look like.. If you think you see me, but aren't too sure, I'll be driving the Mercedes SL600 and there aren't that many in New York.


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