A lifetime of moments. Part I  

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4/11/2006 9:58 pm

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11/3/2006 9:33 pm

A lifetime of moments. Part I

Seldom the words are spoken that weave through the soul and touch the tender flesh of the heart. It was with you that I remembered what it meant to feel again.

Blistered and weary I enter in to the dreary complex for another night of fending for a little piece of the dream. As I slouch into my seat among the fools drunk on their own misery I begin to feel strangely alive. My mind begins to wander, and stray to thoughts that have so long since been forgotten. A faint voice ripples from the corner of the room nearly drown by the roaring conversations of love, money and friendships gone awry. A young woman stands with her back to me. As I light a cigarette from a half empty pack I lean over to see who might own this soft new voice. Through the smoke I catch a corner of her eye. All of the sudden time begins to slow. Her head turns slowly and she slides her fingers gently through her soft wavy hair. Taken for a moment by this woman, to a world where time does not exist. In a thought that might well have taken an eternity to generate I am convinced that there is no use trying to become what I am not. Suddenly it all becomes so clear again and I begin to speak. "And who are you?" A soft and sweet voice replies "Hi I am Steph." I extend my hand slowly to offer a handshake, not realizing that my life was about to change in some way. As she wraps her fingers around my hand I can feel her soft skin caressing mine. This amazing young woman has entranced me. Her gently waving Brown hair flows to her shoulders. She looks at me with these entrancing eyes that are only slightly less consuming than her full lips. She has a strong air of innocence about her and yet she is lightly hardened by a life that has all but yet controlled her. And yet this is only the beginning of the story.

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