not even .....  

nyitalian2006 54M
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9/2/2006 11:53 pm
not even .....

tonight was a not so sober time....caught a buzz played some pool, saw some friends, n saw some that id like to b more than friends. The issue here is catchin pussy, if i may, dosent sound all that good, but there is another side as catch and release, u dont have to eat every thing u catch. That was the case tonight, caught a couple but the effort and time factor of the after dinner just wasnt worth it. Woman have it different, cus most love with their heart and even if they are capalbe, which again most r, of catching and releasing they want more later, not so much of sex but the after dinner thing, time and effort from us to show to them that their self worth...i have to say u womans libbers will contrast this to hell and back, but this is what i have come to know thru my years, and now 40ish and counting that is what i've seen. I love woman, they have sides to them that men can not touch in all our years on this planet match in sooo many different ways, and i love that about all u that have seen that, so 4 tonight i have done a good thing and told them in asuttle way that yes they r the best in the world, but 4 tonight, i have been taken off the table,,,,

an_angel_4u 57F

8/21/2009 5:46 pm

You are such a darling man. What a lucky catch you will have 1 day. She will be very Lucky.

Good Girls go to Heaven.....Bad Girls go Everywhere!!!!!

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