Frist Date Fantasy  

nydude1955 61M
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3/28/2006 6:55 am
Frist Date Fantasy

Lets set this up right, I'm new to this site and have joined a group called BBW of San Antonio.

There's this very beautifull lady on the site that has really turned me on and would love to meet her, and enjoy her company completely.

Here's my fantasy of what the first time we met would be like. We have email each other and now are taking the next step.

I'm driving to the hotel where we're suppose to meet, I'm nervous and very excited, did sleep at all just thinking of her. At the room I knock and she opens the door. My heart stops, her picture did her no justice at all, she a knock out. Brown hair, beautfull brown eyes, and smile that can stop traffic, her body is shaped just the way I like it, soft and smooth. She's where a very nice dress dark blue and fits her very well (WOW) She invites me in and closes the door behind and locks it also. She is as nervous as I am so I say something funny to make her and me relax. It worked and her face lit up with laughter. I can't wait any longer, I move towards her her and kiss her mouth lightly her lips are soft and full, she pulls me to her and she kisses me harder and with her tongue. We're both so hungry for each other that I swear we're trying to suck each other eye out. We stop kissing and we're standing there just hugging and feeling each other back it feels real good to be held. We move into the room and I really get to see her again and I'm thinking how lucky I am. My lady has me sit down on the chair and close my eyes, when she has me open them she is in a pink cotton robe not all the way pulled together. She is smiling and this is really turning me on by the second. She takes my hand and stands me up, she starts to unbotton my shirt and takes that off, she pulls off my tee shirt, then she undoes my belt, I sit down to do my shoes (I'm very ticklish on my feet so I'll take off my shoes and sock) I stand so my pants come off I fold them and hang them on the chair, all that's left is my underpant (briefs or boxers she'll find someday) there off now and we start touching each other like starved animals carressing we weren't we were groping and it felt damn good too. Her robe is off and I look at her her with such pleasure and can't wait to explore her body. I have her facing away from me so I able to squeeze her breast and rub my dick on the crack of her behind she seem to enjoy this and then she grabs my dick and strucks it frimly by gently. I slide my right hand down her body feeling every part as I go until I reach her pussy, it's wet and she allows me to touch her. She spreads her legs so I'm able to get better access to her and my goodness is she wet, I lay her on the bed and start sucking her breast one then the other her nipples are hard as rocks and are sticking out as if it were -45 degress out. Her body taste so good and I can't get enough of her, she whisper in my ear to put it in her now she can't wait either so I slide my dick to her pussy and rub her clit just to tease her a little bite, then right before I enter her I look at her and she that it's okay to go on. My dick head slides in with no problem then the shaft, we start moving slowly in and out, in and out, in and out. I put my arms right at her knees to spread her even more and now I can see my dick going in and out and it looks very good. Her pussy is gripping my dick and it is going to make me cum real soon but I can tell she is about to cum also and the we both explode at the same time. My dick head get very ticklish so I try not to move because it makes me laugh she moves on purpose and it feels so damn good. The rest of the morning is us exploring each other and cumming. I met someone who love sex and wants me again man that's great. I can't wait until our next meeting.

This is for a special lady and hope she like this story T.R.F. this is for you.

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