WHAT I WANT!!!!!!!  

nycsfinest_in_tx 34F
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3/2/2006 10:04 pm

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3/7/2006 2:01 pm

WHAT I WANT!!!!!!!

I must say I have really really been blessed in life with all types of things from being able to have stupid material bullshit things, to the type of parents I have, even just waking up every morning. But to me it seems that what I really want is never gonna come to me.
Ladies I need some serious help with this one.
I'm a single female freely dating and I'm starting to get real tired of it. NO I don't want a husband and I don't believe I really want to be in a relationship(i have a hard time believing anything that comes out of a man's mouth) so a relationship is the wrong move. But is it so wrong to have a friend with benefits relationship with a strong emphasis on the benefits(SEX!!!) NO I don't want to be laid up under you every night all night(thats when extra feelings get involved). But damn can I come over and get 15 mins. Thats all I need and then I can be on my way.
Some may say shit, he ain't giving it up find somebody else. That's where my problem is, the sex over there is damn good and I don't want to go looking for a back up or replacement then I would have to start adding condoms to the situation and that there fucks it all up. Even though I love sex I work, and am working very hard on limiting the number of sexual partners I go thru in my life time.

dungeon1969 46M
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3/7/2006 2:53 am

hi i am mike from austin i am 36 and i am willing to do just about everything and i can breathe thru my ears if that helps alot lol i do like to do alot of foreplay and then get down to the real thing. i have a nice clean apartment in austin so i can host. please email me if it sounds cool i am only 5'9

blacksexynerd 45M

4/16/2006 7:54 pm

The challenge is matching what you need with what he needs. Unfortunately, I think a lot of our problems come because many of us (both men and women) focus on what "we" need and don't understand or don't care about what our partner needs. And our society has made us move away from the idea of being committed to working to meet our partner's needs. As a result, people often use each other instead of being there for each. And whether you're seeking a spouse or a friend with benefits, anything consistent is hard to come by.

I wish you the best in your search.

rm_gsxrf4i02 42M

12/8/2006 12:35 pm

ma, look you have not into the right dude trust if the right one come thru and put that pussy on smash its going down and u cant stop it. stop lookin and its gonna cum real talk sweetie love doesnt come with a receipt you dig start there and get back to me.. holla

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