Our last MMF adventure  

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3/29/2005 8:57 am

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6/25/2006 7:03 am

Our last MMF adventure

We arrived at Pcolat's apartment at about 10pm in the evening. I had spoken on the phone with him several times before that and was very much looking forward to sharing him with my wife. Maria was very nervous as is usually the case when we meet someone new. Pcolat met us at the door and we sat down in the living room. Maria sat on the couch and would not make eye contact with either of us. She was visibly nervous and withdrawn. After making small talk I instructed Maria to follow me to the bathroom where she would undress. After about five minutes I knocked on the door and told her to hurry up. Maria unlocked the bathroom door and stood there in a sheer bra and panties. I blindfolded her with a black silk scarf and guided her back to the living room where I'd set up one of the dining room chairs. I sat her down and we began to explore her body together. She had a tear running down her face as Pcolat began rubbing her erect brown nipples thru the sheer bra. I wiped the tear from her face and whispered into her ear that she was going to be our little whore for the evening and indulge our every desire. I gently bound her hands behind the chair with a neck tie I brought. I decided to sit down on the couch and observe as Pcolat realized that his Dom fantasy was about to come true. He continued to stimulate Maria's nipples through the bra and I told him it was okay to pull it down and expose her nipples. He complied and as her nipples were freed I reminded him that as promised he wouldn't be disappointed. His erection was visible thru his underwear. His nervousness too was waining and he began to assume the role of a Dom in complete control of Maria. As he reached down and rubbed her pussy thru her panties he commented on how beautiful she was and what an incredible body she had. I stood up, removed Maria's panties and opened her legs exposing her fully shaved pussy. While Pcolat fingered her wetness I handed him a dildo I brought and told him it would be okay to fuck her pussy with it. He was overwhelmed with excitement! His hands all over Maria and his bulging cock rubbing against her thru his underwear. I told Maria to sit on the edge of the chair so we could fuck her properly and she complied. We took turns dildo fucking her and alternately stimulating her nipples with our hands and mouth. I untied Maria's hands and guided her over to the couch and told her to lay back after sitting. Her pussy was wet with anticipation and I kneeled in front of her and watched Pcolt suckle her nipples and penetrate her pussy with his fingers and the dildo. I began stimulating Maria's ass with my finger lubricated by her wetness. Pcolat and I took turns alternately penetrating her pussy and ass with the dildo. Maria was stroking his balls thru his underwear and was moaning with anticipation. While kneeling in front of her I lifted her legs over my shoulders and penetrated her ass with my erect penis. She winced with pain and slowly relaxed and began to enjoy the rythym of my thrusting cock. Pcolt removed his underwear and Maria continued to masturbate him while I fucked her ass. He plunged the dildo deep inside her pussy with alternating thrusts. Maria continued to moan with pleasure. This continued for about 30 minutes when it was clear that Pcolat was ready to explode. I continued verbally taunting Maria with demeaning words about what a little whore she was. I instructed her to lay lengthwise on the couch and reinserted my penis in her ass. Pcolat knelt above her face and continued to masturbate himself assist by Maria's soft caresses to his cock and balls. I told her I was going to shoot my thick hot cum inside her ass and Pcolat spontaneaously shot an incredible load all over Maria's face, hair and tits. I continued to pump her ass lubricated by my own cum and my erection continued from the excitement of the moment. I instructed her to squeeze every last drop of his cum out and she complied. I told her it pleased me to see another man's jism running down her neck and tits.
I told Maria to go to the bathroom and clean up and we prepared to leave. Pcolat commented again that she was more beautiful that he ever expected. We shook hands and I said we'd be in touch.

openmind22 49M
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3/30/2005 6:27 am

Great adventure!!! It sounds as if she truly enjoyed it!! Maybe I can be next??


hot_two 57M/50F

4/8/2005 12:00 am

Great encounter!!. Would love to get together with you guys sometime.



4/26/2005 7:51 am

That's a very sexy story and I am sure you guys had a great time ..oh not to mention Maria's having two hard cocks. Have you two ever had a MFMM?

Prince00gauge 35M
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8/14/2005 8:18 pm

wow..that sounded amazing..if u maybe need another guylet me know...i would love the chance!

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