Another stranger for Maria  

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12/8/2005 9:32 am

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Another stranger for Maria

After making contact several times on the net the time had come to meet. John sent his phone number to me and I called him immediately explaining that I would provide Maria to him that very evening. As always I chose Maria's clothing. A sheer bra of course with loose fitting silk panties. It was cold so I allowed Maria to wear pants and chose a soft long sleeve sweater to cover her supple breasts and shoulders. We arrived at John's house at about 10 PM. Maria and I sat on a love seat and John sat opposite us on a couch in the living room. As is usually the case he and I made small talk for about five minutes. Maria sat silent barely making eye contact with anything but the floor. I enjoy this emotional calm before the sexual storm knowing that it provides psycho sexual torture for the woman who was about to become our plaything. I often times will tell Maria in the morning as she's getting ready to go to work that "we will be going out tonite". She knows what those words mean and that it excited me to torment her with an unknown sexual adventure. She never really knew quite what to expect, just that she was expected to do whatever I ask without question.
I took Maria by the hand and sat Maria between us on the couch. I said "I guess we can get started". John began rubbing Maria's breasts thru the soft sweater alternately reaching down to rub her crotch thru her pants. I lifted her sweater up to reveal her breasts still supported by the shear white bra. I watched as John fondled her swollen nipples thru the bra. Simultaneously he and I lowered the shoulder straps on her bra and began fondling her nipples together. Like a new born baby John instinctively cupped her breast and began sucking on her nipple. His hand searching for more flesh as he lifted her pant leg and stroked her exposed calf. I told Maria to stand up and remove her pants. She complied and I told her to stand there in front of us. I wanted John to see her beauty. She was so vulnerable standing there. Breasts exposed and only a pair of soft panties between Johns hand and her pussy. I told her to sit back down between us. John wasted no time rubbing her pussy thru her panties. His fingers found their way inside her panties and he began to finger fuck her. I helped him slide her panties off and he fell to his knees and began nibbling and kissing her open pussy. John and I both stood up and removed our pants. John left his underwear on. I did not. I began masturbating as I watched him taste Maria's wetness. I held her breast as he suckled her long nipple. I reached into a bag of toys I'd brought along and handed John a dildo. I told him to fuck her pussy with it and he glady obliged. He plunged the dildo deep inside her right up to the the rubber balls and began thrusting it in and out. Maria began to moan with pleasure and I began to whisper in her ear about what a good little slut she was. After thoroughy fucking Maria's pussy with the dildo he removed it and placed his mouth over her open pussy and toungue fucked her. He kissed her open lips and clit and Maria continued to moan with pleasure. I suggested that we find someplace more comfortable and we proceeded to the bedroom. Maria laid on the bed and I handed John a condom. Maria sat on the side of the bed and helped John put the condom on. She then laid down and John mounted her and penetrated her with his hard cock. Maria stroked my cock and balls. I held Maria's legs apart grabbing her by the ankles as John fucked her hard. I wanted to make sure she felt my hands and I squeezed her ankles hard making sure her legs were spread wide for him. I left the room and went to smoke a cigarette. I really enjoyed this time away not knowing what I'd find when I returned. This was Maria's cue as she knew what I expected. After finishing my cigarette I returned to find Maria sitting on a foot stool with John standing in front of her fucking her mouth with his throbbing hard cock. Maria had removed the condom so she could taste John's juices. I knelt behind her whispering in her ear. Reminding her that she is my little whore. I cupped her tits and pinched her nipples as John fucked her mouth. It was clear that John was ready to cum. I told Maria to stand up and inserted the dildo in her pussy. I told her to sit down and finish the job
that she started. She sat down on the foot stool with the dildo deep inside her. I stood behind her and held her head with my hands as he continued using Maria's mouth for his pleasure. I told John it was okay to cum in Maria's mouth and ordered her to swallow every drop of him. Seconds later I watched as he arched his back. Maria knew what she had to do. John thrust his cock deep inside her mouth and Maria's toungue darted out to provide a warm blanket for John's cock as his thick hot load of cum splashed against the back of her throat. I watched as she swallowed man juice. When he pulled his cock from her mouth some cum dripped from the head of his cock onto her breast. There was still cum oozing from his cock and I told Maria to squeeze all the remainig cum onto her outstretched toungue. She complied and licked John's cock clean. I turned Maria around to face me. I fucked her mouth as she reached up and played with my nipples. I reached down rubbed Maria's nipples with the cum that dripped off John's cock. I contiued to verbally torment her as I fucked her hot little mouth. I asked if John tasted good. I told her to rub her
nipples with his drying cum. I ordered Maria to lay on the bed with her face near the edge of the mattress. The room smelled of sex. The smell of John's cum permeated the air. I masterbated myself all over Maria's face and open mouth while John worked her pussy with the dildo. I reached down and scooped up the pools of cum with my fingers and made her lick it off my fingers. After seeing this John was hard and ready again. I asked him to cum on her face while I watched and masterbated. I told Maria that she was a good little sub whore and how pretty she looked with a face full of drying cum. About a minute later John
squeezed out a second fresh hot load for Maria. After he was done I provided my little whore with a dry towel with which to wipe her face. John offered to allow Maria to use the shower but I said no. "I want her to take the drive home with a face full of dried cum." Just to remind her of what a good little whore she was this evening.

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3/19/2006 1:00 pm

very nice use of a closet whore ,slut wife and i,m sure she,s thankful for it.

ElLocodeLares 51M

12/11/2006 5:17 am

Awesome story!

NyxesMovieProfs 46M
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4/8/2007 7:02 pm

Very hot lil sub slut. If you ever want to loan her skills out to a well hung Dom. black male give me a holler.

orlandoblck2006 48M

5/22/2007 10:13 pm

Did you ever live near Altamonte/ Wekiva , if so I'm David

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