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5/16/2006 1:32 pm

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So I'm at work today and the boss man says he has a project for me. Apparently they forgot a box for the elevator lobby heat detector and I get to pipe it in, okay let me get my stuff together.

After I get the things I need and get set up a painter shows up to begin getting in my way. This guy looked rough too, not mean but rather rode hard and put up wet rough. After a few minuets of ignoring him he finally looks over at me and says (in a voice that sounds like Butt Head from that stupid cartoon) "Hey sparky, you got any candy?"

I hate when people call me "Sparky" it's fucking stupid, but I'm dumb enough to answer him and I say "what???"

So he repeats it "You got any candy?" Even if I had any the answer would have been the same "No, sorry buddy."

At this point he he starts getting really agitated and I'm wondering if I'm going to have to whack him with the piece of conduit I'm holding. While I'm watching him with one eye and looking for an exit with the other he blurts out "I can't work under these conditions, I can't do it." I must of had a really stupid look on my face because then he tells me "I just got off of crack last week."

Great, thanks for the info pal, if you start having anymore withdrawl symptons be sure to let me know. Can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring.......

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