well it's hard out here for a pimp  

nuts4noah 57F
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9/8/2006 6:29 pm
well it's hard out here for a pimp

no sheat! Friday night am I out with Mr. Right, nope, got that part right anyway. Joe called it off, he has such a lovely cock, too. Sez I didn't disappoint but he feels no chemistry and he and I could laugh the day and night away...so sad, this life, sometimes, and then again...got a date tomorrow with a handsome john to go shopping for fishing lures how utterly romantic he's gonna catch the big one for me. haha the lures are for my dad who says he's overstocked as is so just fuck the dude and get it over with I say we'll have lunch, stroll the mall (i'm penniless) window shop and then make the sweet proverbial love in the afternoon. Hope you all have as sweet a weekend. I'm going out of town Sunday, so you'll have to read those other blogs for 4 days until I return on Thursday night with a vengeance. Won't have any sex to talk about, might can tell you about the one that narrowly excaped being eaten but it will be fish not man hehe. Hope you miss me, wish you could kiss me...

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