anticipation - the Queen and King of Ecstasy  

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9/4/2006 11:37 am

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anticipation - the Queen and King of Ecstasy

I find that anticipation is a key factor in ecstatic love making. The wonderful feeling of "what if" cannot be overstated. I have a thrill surpassing few others wondering what my friend Harry will do next. Then there's Joe who I spent a precious little time with today. He has a cock any mother could love. I also love the anticipation constantly a factor with Anthony who has to slip away from work and husband duty to allow me to play with his beautiful medium size cock that thrills and delights beyond measure. And what happened to bigdonjuan who wrote me a lovely referral and then I haven't seen him for awhile...Then there's Charles, so God-like with his Adonis/David combination body and stoic attitude. I will please and be pleased by him tonight. Life is wonderful, isn't it, Ladies, with so many gorgeous, multifaceted men to love and be loved by. Let's all make the most of the holiday and all the days ahead --- maybe we'll all be married by Christmas, horror of horrors hehehe I'm getting married October 6th to a beautiful mysterious man named Doug, he doesn't know it yet but I'm sure when I pop the question he will be game. Ladies, share all your love making tips including how you make the most of the anticipation factor with me, it will be the best shower ever and I thank you in advance...


9/4/2006 11:59 am

what a beatiful anticipation mind...........almost like the common man

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