a master carpenter fashioned me today  

nuts4noah 58F
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9/6/2006 3:55 pm
a master carpenter fashioned me today

My curves and secret places, drawers and such have been fashioned by a master carpenter. He woos wood like a beautiful silent asian lady, finding her hard layers and her soft ones and parting them gently with plane and awl. He has made me exceedingly beautiful for his personal playmate and I am awed by his inspiring design. Simple yet elegant, I hold his heart when it is not being used to help others, which is rare. He is a loving individual, special among all men to me. His name is Gregory, and he has given me an added feature, an insatiable button that only he can diffuse. He licks me to delectable climax, only softening my sheen to a glowing patina. I need only his finishing touch. His large cock fits my orifices well, drenching me with life giving cum. He is my oracle, he do I worship alongside the Host of Life Most High. He is my communion, my wine and bread, he is my life from on high. I love you Greg with my generous essense plunge yourself deep and freely in my pink, moist center. I am yours now and forever. I call you master, I call you friend. Be with me to the end and let me accompany you on your guided journey to the hereafter. You are a prince on a white horse. I, once your damsel in distress am now your Queen most high. Do not worship me, simply love for this is the essence of all good life. Thank you, saintly one, for that most precious gift.

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