Sing badly if you must.. But SING  

nuts4noah 57F
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9/6/2006 12:42 pm
Sing badly if you must.. But SING

What is funnier than two nekked bodies playing with each other's obtrusions before poking each others holes with fingers, toes, and other sticker outers? We have all sung badly but who cares if it's two or one who hear. Music is the muse, the great healer, and with good purpose. What other sense enfolds all the others within her good graces? What would taste, touch, smell be without sound to enhance and enlighten? Love calls for music, play on, oldies, rhythm and blues, soul inspired hymns, hip grinding rock n roll. All love calls out for the rhythm of life found in music. Celebrate the muse today. On a common note, I have a little bug today and it's making me wax poetically. What do you think, guys and dolls, is it the work of a mind on drugs or is it genuine? Let your votes speak your mind. I'm trying to break the glass ceiling of one hundred, maybe this little muse will do it. Vote and vote again, I can take it. Say something sexy, say something cruel, I have SHOUT in my vocabulary and can use it for good and evil. Love you, the reader, love the lover, love myself most of all...

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