Gregory's coming like a balmy lake breeze  

nuts4noah 57F
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9/6/2006 7:57 am
Gregory's coming like a balmy lake breeze

Gregory is so sensitive and knows all my hot spots. There is nothing like a married lover to keep you on your toes. We enjoy a delicate balance of physical intimacy and discretion. He licks me till I have to scream stop and I am squirting sweet honey in all directions. When he takes me in the ass I orgasm coming and going. I love to suck his long supple cock to a marble like erection before taking him deep in my love cavern. He rocks there like an attentive father until I come again. We lie nestled in each other's arms until the next wave of desire sweeps through us, then find new ways to pleasure and be pleased. The variety is endless. His strong back, long arms, gentle fingertips and expressive lips keep me cumincumincumin and I think he likes me pretty well, too, not being immodest or anything. Greg completes me, and I pray for the restoration of his marriage. He loves his wife and family deeply and his sweet wife is being treated for a long and obstinate depression. I hope she will have the courage to reach out to this tiger gem of a husband, he will be by her each step of the way. Until then, I enjoy his heightened sexuality and he gives me a heavenly release of my own sexuality. Families, stay together for the whole route, for the sake of each other and no other reason, for children do not need to grow up seeing an ice wall between parents. Love each other deeply and with commitment. Seek professional help to that end if necessary. There is nothing stronger and more healing and life affirming than the power of physical intimacy between loving partners. Claim your prize, it is your paradise on earth. I am your mistress, Gregory, cum to me today and minister and be ministered to. I love you for the man you have been, the man you are, the man you are becoming...Thank you for your loving generosity in all respects. Linda

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