Dinner late, date not grateful  

nuts4noah 57F
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9/9/2006 4:53 pm
Dinner late, date not grateful

I don't know what is going on with my luck lately it SUCKS ANAL...Mr. Perfect is gonna take me to Pappadeaux's, sez has late delivery and never calls. I ate some excellent pork loin, yams with raisins and orange juice and biscuit instead. What is it with the lack of manners these days? I just don't get it, we talk for hours and when it comes down to closing the deal it does not happen. I'm going back to Charles and crawl over glass if I have to to get him to take me in my arms and make love to me like it is meant to be. Love me that man so much it makes my eyes water to tell it. He is sun, moon, stars, rain, light combined in one. Cooks a pretty good rack of ribs too even if it is marinated in soy sauce and milk. HEHE. I wanna hold him close to my heart and stroke him till the sun rises, he is the epitome of southern gentleman though raised in Ohio. Don't know how he does what he does, but it feels so good. Wanna suck him till he yelps stop and then do it some more for good measure. To HECK with the rest of them, Charles Edward Wilson is the best, cew0318 on yahoo. Drop him a line, tell him what a find he has on his hands. Has a lil trouble with the L word but he knows how to do it, that's all that really matters. Al, I'm afraid this is goodbye. Wish I could say that it had been nice knowing you but it's a public embarrassment right now. I'll give you a second chance but you need to think long and hard on how to make it good this time. This is nothing but a disappointment of a Saturday night at home. Hope it improves, it always does. Have a few important calls in the wind, no sex but lots of special companions on the airwaves, Really, Al, I expected better of you. Perhaps that is my downfall...

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