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2/13/2006 9:49 pm

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One bored puppy.

You ever find yourself sitting at the PC browsing the world wide worthless, and next thing you know your signing up for every web site that exists? No. Must just be me.

The way I figure it
.....caution warped thinking to follow....
is that at least I can go post a blog like this that absolutely no one will probably read and I don't have to actually interact with others of the human race. Not sure if that's a good thing. Probably not. Yeah definitely not. K-mart sucks.
....poor attempt at Rain-man humor...

So how are you nutaclue? Fine and you? Screwed up to be honest.

(Why do people say " be honest..", is it because you actually where about to revert to the childhood standby of 'LIAR LIAR pants on FIRE!!'? Personally I think it's to warn you that a really boring heartfelt reply is coming or
....still reading?, WOW, you must really be bored

anyway, where was I? Oh yeah,
to be honest, I think people say that in the same way a person gets quiet to the point of whispering when telling a racy joke, or comments on ANY racial issue. It's just an innate behavior that PISSES me off! Just say what you think HONESTLY all the time so you won't have to verbalize a Honesty Disclosure the one time your not spewing 100pct. bullshit.
Not you, I'm sure your always honest. Well not you but the other reader. Never mind.

By now you probably have that quirky scrunched up "What the F....?" look on your face trying to figure out if I have a point to my blabber and if it's worth reading more or going back to trimming your toenails. Toss-up if you ask me.

But, to be honest, the last 3 years have completely screwed my mind up,
((..well screwed-up the last 2pct. that wasn't already cattywompassed..))
{{.is that even a word? dunno. stop interrupting me..
}}, in lieu of discussing anything personal or risking further human contact that would inevitably lead to yet further mind-numbing catastrophic disappointments in humanity, I prefer to babble.

I'm pretty good at it, well at least I think so anyway. I amuse myself and that's what counts,,right? Come to think of it, I do most things to myself these days.

"Now, watch me hit this drive."

Political humor there, if you follow that sort of thing as I'm sure all members do that come to this site in search of "Who da?, What da?" people like me who just can't sleep and don't have the energy to have a social life at the ripe age of 34.

It's a shame too since I used to be one fun-loving, people-loving, LIFE-loving guy.

And since I mention that, allow me to drift from my point (that's a joke in case your wondering. get it? point? senseless blabber? Oh Never mind)
and offer a pointless bit of nobody cares what I think advice.

Be up front with everyone in your life.
Don't ask how someone is just to be polite.
Don't pretend to care about those in your life that you really DIDN'T.
People change. Circumstances alter. Paths Diverge. So much energy is wasted and pain & hurt inflicted because the vast majority of us are just to chicken to be up front with others concerning our feelings. Not just in intimate relationships, but in nearly all types we have. Who can remember the hurt you felt when you realized, say a close friend, was actually badmouthing you or divulging personal life details about you to others. Sucks doesn't it? Since we've all been there, I just wonder why so many continue to do it to others. Dunno.

Guess I kind of lost faith in people. There's not much worse a feeling than realizing how one sided a friendship, relationship is. Especially when your on the one-sided part. Makes you rehash every, what you thought was, meaningful moment ever shared. Makes you analyze everything you ever thought about yourself as a person. Thats one sad place to be.

They say every good thing must come to an end. Well I for one (thats another weird saying, but I digress..) think that statement should be amended to further state "When it does please notify all parties as to the upcoming good thing termination." Well, something along that line anyway. Last man standing or more to the point, last to know really really, yes REALLY, SUCKS!!!

And while we're at it, let's all start to give each other just a tad bit more credit when it comes to dealing with hurt emotions and inevitable hurtful times. What's worse?, to hide our true feelings or comments and continue to be burdened with our own feelings of hurting someone? OR,. To just, oh I don't know, show someone that I hope you at least cared for at one time, a little courtesy by sharing your feelings instead of shying away from the truth and insuring a much longer healing period as yet more time passes that the other will have added to their memory bank to rip apart and analyze.

Good for you? Good.

And since I'm venting endless babble which I'm way to chicken to spew in person,
If someone does a nice thing for you for ABSOLUTELY no reason other than to be kind, for once forget what your previous experiences have been and take a chance and accept that not everyone in this wonderful world (sarcasm) of ours is out for something. Okay, Ladies, I'll admit this is slightly more difficult for you since by my own admission, there are times when I'm embarrassed to be of the male sex, butttt,, you just might be missing out on a worthwhile friendship. Just maybe.

Okay so it will probably never happen and now I'm not amusing myself, but drudging up the very memories that send me surfing the worthless web due to insomnia (stupid brain)(Where's the Ctrl-Alt-Delete buttons for my head? )

I think I'll browse-on for now and see how many wacky yet puzzlingly interesting web sites full of 'I didn't know that and not sure I wanted to' information I can find.

Who knows, maybe we'll stumble across each other out there. RUN!!!

Wow, I gotta get a dog. Don't laugh! Baby steps. Baby steps.

Be warned,, I may be back.

And remember I'm available for birthday's, weddings and bar-mitzvahs.

Okay you can go now (if you haven't already)
Seriously, shoo. It's my blog and I'm taking it home with me.

Yeah I know what your thinking..............."He's a KEEPER!!"

Till then. Bye

Why do we say that?? "Till Then"?? Till When?? What if I'm not there at 'THEN?',, I don't think my watch shows a 'Then' time zone.
That probably explains why I'm here inflicting pain on any readers bored enough to read this.

This is 'Then' and I didn't know it.

Go figure.

Figure what???? Okay I'll stop. Nice talking to you,( as opposed to pure hell? ) really,( no it's your imagination ) to be honest,( no,no, LIE TO ME! ) it's been real,( hate when it's fake ) till then.( I'm sure I won't figure out when then is sooooooooooo ) Bye

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