Shopping with my wife.  

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12/6/2005 6:31 pm

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Shopping with my wife.

Until I met my wife Megan, I was a very conservative bank manager. Everything had its own place and the place for sex was in the bedroom. Little did I realize when I married her that Megan was an exhibitionist at hear. I learned about her love of dangerous sex the "hard" way.

We had gone to a furniture store one evening after work, looking for a kin-sized bed. The store was mearly empty., so a salesman latched onto us immediately. He led us around through the room displays, keeping up a cheerful patter of conversation that was driving both of us crazy.

I was about to ask him to let us browse around on our own when the loudspeaker called him to the office for a phone call from his mother. He promised he would only be ten minutes and disappeared.

"Thank God!" Megan giggled, as the sound of he footsteps got softer and softer. "I thought he'd never leave." She suddenly turned into my arms and ground her hips against me. I felt the first warm stirring of my cock hardening as she pressed her lips against mine and stabbed her tongue into my mouth. Her hands slid between us and cupped my erection through my jeans. "hHow about a nice hot quickie, John?" she whispered.

"Right here?" I blurted... She shushed me with another deep tongue kiss and tugged down my sipper. I was terrified of being caught, but too turrned on to stop. Her small, soft hand closed around my cock and pulled it free. She stroked me from base to head, as she tongue-fucked my mouth.

"I didn't wear any panties, John," she whispered. "Feel how wet I am for you!"

I slipped my hand under her skirt and caressed my way up her tender young thighs until I met her soft-furred pubes. I let my middle finger dip between her slippery labia and push into her hot, wet pussy.

She trembled with pleasure and spread her legs wider, her hand pumping my cock with frantic urgency. "I need you, Baby!" she groaned. Megan turned away from me and draped herself over a thickly padded chare. "Fuck me, John!" she begged, reaching back and flipping her skirt up, exposing her creamy smooth ass for me--and anyone else who might be browsing around.

I stepped behind her and my hands spread her luscious cheeks. I pressed the head of my cock between her glistening pussy lips and thrust my hips. Her tight pussy muscles parted, squeezing and caressing my cock as it sank into her syrupy depths. Megan let out a long sigh of delight and began wriggling her hips against me. "Hurry, baby," she gasped "before the salesman comes back!"

In the heat of the moment, I had completely forgotten where we were. I reached around Megans's waist and cupped her tits through her blouse as I pumping into her sweet, trembling love box. I xould feel her pussy muscles begin to twitch and spasm almost immediately, and her hips were frantically pushing back against my thrusts.

"Oh, Baby," she cried softly, "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Her twisting, clenching pussy milking my cock was all it took to push me over the edge, too, and with a groan of passion I filled her churning pussy with my sizzling cum.

Megan was the first to hear footsteps coming our way. She quickly pushed me away and let her skirt fall back over her hips. "Give me your handkerchief!" she whispered, as I stuffed my rapidly softening cock back into my jeans.

I handed it to her and she fittled under the skirt for a second and then winked at me. "I had to plug a leak or I'd have a puddle!" she grinned, "but I'll give it back to you later. You can take it to work tomorrow to remind you of tonight!"

watcheru369 51M

12/21/2005 2:00 pm

Go baby go. I wish I could have seen that. Keep up the good fun.

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