A little on the side  

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12/10/2005 7:56 am

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A little on the side

The hot Texas sun was on us, but Marla was cool as ice. Her hips went on swaying and she smitked, murmuring into the cellular phone as she drifted bach into the shade. It was her husband Davy on the phone, calling long-distance from his latest business trip.

They live down the street from me. Davy takes a lot of business trips, and when he does, I get to fuck Marla. It's a good arrangement for me and her. As for Davy, he doesen't have a clue.

I stood ther, watched as Marla put her hand over a long, barely-covered thigh. She let her shoulder rest against the rough adobe wall. Marla stared into my eyes, close and hot, even as she told her husban how much she was missing his big, hard slab of meat.

I didn't know if I should laugh or take it as a challene. Instead, I opened my pants and showed her the meat she wasn't missing right then. Pulling on the shaft, I stepped to her.

Marla's eyes went from my handful of stiff dick to my face and back to my dick. Her nostrils flared excitedly and I saw her nipples stand up behind her see-through top. She put one foot up on a step, so that leg was extended close enough for me to rub my dick head over it.

I did, while she breathlessly told her husband how she planned to welcome him home on Tuesday. She painted one raunchy mental picture of herbent across the low table in their living room, her pert ass bare and her sweet pussy dripping, ready to be used. Then we both waited a moment, listening to the phone as Davy declared his love and lust for her--immediately prior to Marla's cheating on him, again. Again, I almost laughed.

But the simmering passion in Marla's eyes kept me focused. I held my dick agains the inside of her thigh and jacked my johnny til a little pre-cum oozed out and ran down her tanned flesh. She leaned bac, shivering and wrinkling her nose, finally told Davy good-bye and broke the connection.

I took the phone from her, but stood watching her untie th wide burgundy-red scarf she had wrapped around her pelvis as a skirt. Marla let it slither off and she parted her pussylips with both hand, stretched it wide for me. I dropped the phone on a lawn chair and went onto a knee.

Her hole was wet, her juices pungent on my tongue. I fluttered my point around inside, then licked her fingertips and sucked the hooded bump of her clit. She muttered, put two fingers from her right hand into herself. I added a finger of my own and Marla cried out, ready for dick.

I stood, still finger-fucking her. I took her shoulder in my other hand, put my tongue down her throat. Marla ground her mouth back at me, tossed her head and pleaded to be balled. I snorted, gave the finger in her hole a twist. "Show me your tits first," I ordered.

She tore the see-through fabric off her chest with a burst of energy, then crammed the fingers she had in her pussy into my mouth. I sucked them briefly, squeezing one tit and then the other with my free hand. I put a second finger, then a third and finally a fourth into her love canal.

Marla squealed, juicing wildly. "John, please!" she gasped. "Dick the hell out of me!"

I nodded, pulled my soaked fingers out and waited for her to stretch herself out wide for me again, then I slipped it into her.

Deep and slow, I fucked her, standing upright and with her ass pressed to the backwall of the house her damned husband was always out of town to pay for. I surged in and out, my pelvis flexing and a broad smirk on my face. Her pussy spasmed and quaked around me as I quickened the pace.

The last few thrusts wer hard, short, rocking lunges and Marla's face twisted, she clawed frantically at my driving hips and she grunted in animal pleasure at each heavy forward jolt.

She climaxed, slid off me and went to her knees with a dazed look on her face. I put my hardened shaft to her lips and she took it right into her mouth, held it there as I emptied out.

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