Ladies, do u like being slapped during sex?  

nuffstuff4u3 41M
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3/22/2006 8:46 pm
Ladies, do u like being slapped during sex?

Ladies, i am really curious to know how many of you out there love to be slapped and spanked during sex?.. I was with a Gfren of mine the other day, giving her some good fuck ..backshot..when she said i should spank her i must say it kinda took me by surprise as i dont like the idea of hitting women. Anyways,..i aim to please so i slapped her god i tell you..!..the girl almost came instantly!!...i realised that she love that shit very much!..i could literally feel her pussy tightening on my cock with every slap i gave her so of course i continued!...i also found that i am now begining to like it too when i see how it made her excited.

So tell me ladies, is it that a lot of you want this type of treatment during sex but is afraid to ask for fear you might be looked upon as being weird?..tell me.

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