snow day  

nudepink24 36F
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12/8/2005 1:14 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

snow day

so i am snowed in today.

i uploaded the pic again. i figured; what the heck. who cares if someone knows me. if family has questions they can ask lol.


if one is dating someone(i'm single, not dating now) then is it ok to keep up with their blog online, especially if it is on a website such as this?

i have read about many people becoming angry because their so is keeping up with their blog and profile online.

i did so while i was dating but only because i liked writing in my blog and found it interesting just reading profiles and other blogs.. he knew i'd never cheat on him, i'm not turned that way.

so anyway, life goes on.

i know even with the pic i'm somewhat anonymous, but the racy thoughts that i want to post here i want to hold back.
i would be mortified if family or managers found out.

is there ever a way out? lol

Wakko37 42M

12/8/2005 2:00 pm

Nudepink - good for you on the "damn the torpedos" approach. Someone who replied to your "cybering" post said it well - if your family/friends/managers/S.O.'s are on here too, then they probably don't give a flip that you are here at all. I'm paraphrasing him but well said if you ask me.

There are good guys out there, just like there are good women (albeit the overall # of men outnumber the women on here roughly 10 to 1, so our odds are reduced greatly) - just keep looking, and you may surprise yourself.

As to your question about keeping up with a blog - it depends on the outlook of the SO. If they were cool with you doing this, whether it was an ex-flame or someone you are trying to get to know better, it probably wouldn't matter. If they were jealous, well, just be careful and keep it hidden or respect their wishes. It all just depends on the guy/girl I guess.

Cheers & stay warm!


jomcarex 32M

12/12/2005 1:17 am

seriously though, who would these parents and/or managers be to judge you if they were on this site as well? and anyways, geez, we're all humans. Unless you're posting about your fetish to warpaint baby feces while leading a tribal ritual involving dead chickens and sodomy, I don't see why anyone should judge you about sexual preference at all. Remember, your parents have.... done it too... i know. It's icky to think about. but yes. MY MOTHER HAS GIVEN MY FATHER A BLOW JOB....

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