slow boring day  

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12/1/2005 5:52 pm

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slow boring day

wow. i complain a lot on here.

work was slow, cold and boring. what's funny is i work in a climate controlled area but it was so cold outside everyone was cold and i don't think the managers at the mall believe in heaters.

so i am getting ready to bury myself under my covers and read.

i am sad but i'm understanding the whole breakup thing. it's a loss. you're used to having someone there and then all of a sudden they're not and it's ok to think about them.

now that i understand it better i know i won't act like other idiot girls and call and call and call. i can't stand that behavior even though i've been there too. it's just sadness and it'll pass...i don't understand how guys can just like do that and dump you and move right on. i have never had a situation where the guy comes back like other girls but also i realize in the past where i have been clingy and obnoxious.

i know not to do that now and as he is going to 'boot' then maybe it's the best thing. but now i wish i had opened communication to at least be friends because i am so concerned for him and i admit i do miss him.

i'm ready to meet people too though. i have no idea if i'll hear from him again and i really hope i do but i'm not going to sit around and not do anything. that's silly to sit and wait.

i would really like to write him during boot and keep in touch because i heard it can be really rough and lonely in boot camp and i want to be there for him as a friend if nothing else.

i know it'll get better as time goes by.

i need to start working out. i don't want winter blah to get to me...

i might start tomorrow. i have an awesome schedule at work for the next two weeks.

gawsh. can't believe it's already thursday. what happened to the rest of the week?

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