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1/7/2006 8:47 pm

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random musings

ok. just had to post this. lol.

my little adopted nephew, sam, is the greatest. blonde hair, blue eyes, 5 years old.

i call him my adopted nephew because i am an only child and they are really, really good friends of the family.

last year, he swallowed a penny.

earlier this year, he flooded their house by leaving the sink on.

a few months ago, in the family playroom, he zipped himself into the couch cushion and when his mom went to get him she couldn't find him and sat on the couch apparantly and there he was, in the couch coushin(they have ridiculously large couch with HUGE cushions in their playroom). how the kid zipped himself into the couch cushion i will never, ever know. i will have to ask him this.

OH! and year before last he got a lego stuck in his ear. most five year olds do this i know, at least he didn't eat glue.

his sister meredith is the complete opposite. she at 9, i think, is all grown up. makes her own food, says 'samuel, stop that', lol, and reads chapter books. she is an extremely intelligent little girl. beautiful brown eyes. miss the kids
want to hear more of their escapades lol. how the kid zipped himself into the couch coushin i will NEVER find out.

and as for the other night......

i realized one thing that made me all hot and bothered.

ok, you kinda know what you're doing when you keep stroking the girl's face and every so often speak spanish to her lol. all he had to do was keep doing that for a few more minutes and he would have got EVERYTHING he wanted last night lol. and i love it when guys play with my hair; it's so soothing. and apparantly he likes to be on top. i kind of do too but he kept rolling me over on my back so i was like 'ok, i kinda like this' lol. sensual and passionate. that's what i'm thinking i like. nothing better than that.

i can't spell, forgive me, i'm horny and my new fellow is in OKC lol...along with the fever i have have(got sick early this morning, ick) been listening to aerosmith songs all night (how SAD is that) and chatted with my ex fiance from florida (we are REALLY REALLY good friends) ....

my life is so wierd.

at least i'm closer to getting my college bills paid off and i am so ready to get my apartnemt. i was on my own for awhile and am only here until may or june.

i will have my degree and about 5,000 at least in savings by then so i'll be able to 'set up house'.

i am looking into freelance writing with my degree for extra income and fun so i can keep the job i have which i love and also do that which i love although with a newspaper there is never a break so i may not get to go to key west so we'll see...

ok. felt like rambling but it IS my blog so i don't have to apologize lol. night all.

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