What u see is what u get  

nubinblakqueen 56F
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7/7/2006 5:20 pm

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7/18/2006 7:04 pm

What u see is what u get

As usual, u would think that what u see is what u get, well I am here to tell u that in the world of As the Ass Turns, u can get just about anything sold to u. I go to day to become a ligit citizen of this wonderful state, and what happens, everywhere i turned, they were sending my ass some where else, becaue I didn't have this or I need that. Hell, why couldn't just one person tell me everything at one time instead of me seeing 5 to 6 people to tell me almost nothing. And at the end of the day, as usual, my ass is tired. I have not had the pleasure of sitting on it all day, or playing in it, or allowing someone else that wonderful pleasure,noooooooooooooooooo. Instead,.........oh well, just another day in the life of my asssssssssss

rm_HotParts4U 43M

7/8/2006 7:49 am

Sorry to hear that. Sorry I couldn't help with your other problems (ha,ha). Hang in there and it will all come around. Good luck.

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