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Games We Like To Play

While I listened to the sounds of the shower my wife Karen was taking
in the bathroom I lay on the bed playing with myself. I was waiting.
Why does Karen take so long coming to bed? She takes her time because
she knows I am lying here waiting. Karen is a tease. The thought of
the water running over her black breasts and streaming down into the
dark curls between her legs was making me hard. I kneaded my balls
while I rubbed my cock and began to feel relaxed. At last the sound of
the shower turned from downpour to dripping and I heard the door slide
open. Soon Karen emerged from the steamy bathroom in her robe,
twisting her damp hair up behind her head. She looked at me lying on
the bed with my swollen cock on my belly and she smiled an evil smile.
She then launched into a wifely, holier-than-thou, sermon about my
need to learn to put the toilet seat up when I peed and then put it
down again because men dripped. Totally uncalled for. Karen always
liked to do things the hard way and I loved her for it. I waited
calmly for this offensive tirade to wind down and after she had
finished I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and sat up to face
her. I grasped my hard-on firmly and looked her in the eye as I spoke
to her.

"Karen, after the disrespectful way you have spoken to me, I believe
firmly you need to get fucked. Take off your robe, bitch."

Again I got that smile. "What ever made you think that I would let you
fuck me you white limp-dicked piece of shit? I wouldn't even let you
me, and if you tried I'd make you sorry you even thought about it. I
think you ought to apologize for giving me orders, for even thinking
about putting that ugly white thing between my legs. Don't you think
you ought to apologize? DON'T YOU! I am ready for that apology now,

I felt the anger rise in me. She knew how to get me excited. I was
ready to jump on her and fuck her until she begged for mercy. I
grabbed for her robe and caught it, but she spun out of it in a flash
and stood naked before me, just out of reach. She looked very good.
When I lunged at her she gave an amused shriek, ran out of the bedroom
and down the stairs. I sprinted after her with my heavy boner bouncing
in front of me. I was so ready to fuck her that I felt like shoving my
rod up her ass just to piss her off. But I had to catch her first.

I caught up with her in the dining room. She was on the other side of
the dining room table out of reach. With her beautiful black breasts
heaving from exertion and excitement she sassed me. "What are you
going to do now Mr. Limp-Dick? I seem to be too fast for you, don't I.
Just because you have a hard-on doesn't mean you get to fuck me,
asshole. You have to catch me first." She was right. The dining room
table was wide enough that I would have trouble grabbing her.

"Oh, I am going to catch you all right. And I am going to fuck your
black ass when I do. We'll see then how you like having Mr. Limp-Dick
screw you, won't we?"

"Well, here I am, asshole. Come and get me."

I tried to fake going right and quickly reverse but she wasn't fooled.
She just laughed at me. I went over the top of the table. I knew I
wouldn't catch her but I wanted to flush her from behind the damn
table. My dive wasn't very graceful. How could it have been with my
stiff cock in the way? Somehow Karen was able to get behind me and I
received a stinging whack on the ass from her before I could recover.
I hadn't counted on that. I was ready to kill her.

"Ok, bitch. I am going to fuck you up your black ass."

"No you're not!"

I caught her as she tried to race upstairs again and carried her naked
body, kicking and flailing, upstairs to the bedroom where I pinned her
face down on the edge of the bed. Breathlessly, she called me a
cocksucker, a motherfucker, a queer, a piece of shit, a limp dick and
a several other names. She told me that she was going to cut it off
while I slept and flush it. She was furious at being pinned. I could
tell she really wanted me badly. The problem was that all that diving
over tables had taken the stiffness out of my dick. I got up close
behind her and rubbed my white cock against her black ass. I wanted to
a finger in her black cunt but I feared she might escape if given the
slightest chance. I could see it but I couldn't touch it. Fortunately
Karen's squirming naked black ass and her beautiful naked back shortly
renewed my hard-on. When I poked her with it she began to moan.

"No," she wailed, "No….Please don't do that! I'll be good. Let me

When I got the tip to the right spot, I pushed and I went in right up
to hilt. Karen was, as I expected, slippery and hot. She wailed,
"Noooooooooooo!" But she pushed herself back against me and opened her
legs as wide as she could to get me further inside her. I fucked her
slowly feeling how supremely hard my white dick was in her wet,
slippery black cunt. Fucking Karen was like being cut with a pleasure
but my dick was so hard I was perfectly in control. I held her hard by
the hips and went in and out. I felt like a fucking machine. I planned
on fucking her for the next hour. "Get off me, you white cocksucker!"
Karen. Her ass began making fucking motions as I pumped it into her.
"Please stop!" she moaned. "I promise I'll be good if you stop." I
can't tell you how much I loved this woman. While I was fucking Karen
I reached over to the bedside table and pulled out some lube because
my dick was ready for more adventure.

"Now I think it's time for you to apologize," I said.

"I won't!" she replied. I pulled my cock out of her cunt and, holding
her hard with my right hand, I lube my dick with my left. When I put
my rod against her little brown wrinkled hole Karen trembled. I gave
it a shove. I wanted her to feel how hard I was.

"I think it's time to apologize, you black slut."

She tried to get away but I held her. She knew what was coming. I put
my hand in the small of her back and pressed so her black ass flared.
I tried to put my finger in her ass, but she was too wild for me to
hold with just one hand.

"You fucking white bastard I'm not going to apologize. Don't you dare
put that thing up my ass." She thrashed like a tiger, but I held her

My cock knocked again at her brown back door. I was so hard I could
have fucked a hole in sheet rock. I pushed, wedged and wormed the head
inside. "It's too big," Karen moaned. " Please stop you're hurting
me." I had to drive hard to get it further up inside her, but I got it
in about half way.

"Oh my God! It's too big!" Karen was breathless.

I was in far enough that I could feel how tight and silky her asshole
was and I wanted to be all the way in. With a groan I pushed my
hard-on all the way up her tight black ass.

"Oh! Oh! Oh please just wait for just a minute!" said Karen. " Just
hold still for just a minute." She was gasping and wagging her black
butt back and forth, impaled on my rigid white meat. "Oh Sweetheart,
be gentle. Your cock feels so damn big up there. Feels like I'm being
fucked by a horse." She laughed. Surprise! The playacting was gone.

"Lover would you get me my toy."

Karen kept a pink jelly dildo in the bedside table. I got it out for
her and she slid it up inside her black pussy and began to fuck
herself slowly. I could feel the dildo rubbing my cock as it filled
the next-door hole. I felt so good. My dick was in ecstasy in that
tight brown little hole. I didn't move for awhile feeling her tight
ass and letting her get used to having me so far up inside it. After
awhile, she put her hands back and held her cheeks apart and I leaned
on it and it hit bottom. We were both breathing pretty hard. Karen was

"Oh yes," said Karen. You are so big, Baby. I love your big white
cock. Come on and fuck my black ass with that big thing."

So I did fuck her, going very slowly, just coming out a little way and
then going back in.

"Oh Karen, you feel so good. I love your tight little ass. Do you want
me to come in your ass? You want me to fill your tight black ass with
my cum?" Karen liked it when I talked to her like that. Karen was my
black porn princess.

"Yes I want you to cum in my ass, Baby, and when you come, I want you
to push your white cock all the way up inside me. I want you to push
it up as far
as you can go and then I want you to shoot your cum all the way up
inside me. When you cum I'm going to cum too, Sweetheart, because I'll
feel your dick jerking in my ass. Come on, asshole, fuck me, make me

"Oh I'll fuck you, you horny black bitch." That tight little ass made
a fist around my cock and sucked it as I put it to Karen. I started to
assfuck her pretty fast and she crouched low to hold herself against
my thrusts. I held her hips and pulled them toward me as I plunged up
her narrow hole.

"Oh, do it. Please do it."

Pretty soon I was huffing and puffing and that slippery little anal
fist was squeezing my cock and making me hotter than hell. Karen was
noisily fucking herself with her pink friend and frantically rubbing
her clit. Both of us were having a really good time.

"Oh Karen you are making me hot, you black bitch. I think I'm going to
cum in your ass. I think I'm going to cum a lot in your tight ass."

"Oh my God you're getting bigger! Oh my God! Oh fuck me! Fuck me with
your big cock! Fuck me, Lover!"

She was right. My cock swelled and I exploded in her black ass. "Oh
Karen Oh Oh Oh!" My cock twitched and jerked in that sweet narrow room
and right on key Karen began to cum too. Her ass thrashed and she
humped the toy in her pussy. I really loved that woman!

Both of us ohh'ed and ahh'ed, sighed and moaned, and then mmm'ed and
yes'ed for a time floating on the feeling and then my cock, having
achieved a satisfied limpness, popped out of Karen's backside. We lay
down together on the bed peacefully and kissed and held each other

"I think I need to take another shower," Karen said after a time. "You
coming too?"

We took a shower together and I washed Karen's hair while she gently
washed my cock and balls. Then we went back to bed, turned out the
lights and curled up like husband and wife. And I didn't have to wait
for her.

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8/11/2005 4:55 am

WoW,,, now that sure got a rise out of me that is fer sure,,,


dick4foursluts 36M

10/30/2005 1:58 am

I'd love to shove mine inside you woman. You know how to talk hot.


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