'Til death us do part....the end.  

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4/21/2006 6:23 pm

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'Til death us do part....the end.

They had been very understanding at work...for a while. But the few times he went in, they sent him home. He was such a mess. Living on the insurance money for as long as he could. The old man's insurance company had paid off well.

But the dreams...the fucking dreams. They ate at his soul. The first one was so comforting coming not but a few days after the funeral. There she was smiling at him. He tried to speak but she placed her finger over his lips...she shook her head as to say she didn't have time for that. He never saw her lips move, but he heard her say, I'm alright and please let everyone know that, but I can't stay long. We will see each other again. I love you, and she bent and kissed him ever so gently. She backed away and lay down and her wings covered her body and face. He jumped up and ran to her and her wings had turned into a soft white blanket. He pulled the blanket edges back and there lay a new born baby....An then she was gone.

It was a month or so and the sex dreams started. They were always the same, they never deviated. At first he found himself fully erect upon awakening, eventually having to satisfy himself before he could go back to sleep...Now...he just wanted them to stop.

He never had any plans for anyone else in his life. She was his life. His family tried to help but the alcohol and the drugs helped push them away. Now he just slept, watched tv and cried. Pissed off at the world. Fuck all of this. Fuck the pain, fuck the lonliness. Fuck the couple walking in the store holding hands and laughing. What did they know? He could tell them a thing or two about love. Rather, he could have...then.

He was tired. He wanted her back or to be with her. He took one last look at the one picture he had kept of her and let it fall to the floor. He gave a wry smile and placed the barrel under his chin. He closed his eyes and said a silent prayer.
Losing his balance just a bit he stumbled stepping on the picture.....the gun jumped in his hand and then...... the insane ringing in his head...then darkness.

He couldn't see but he could hear through the haze of the drug induced state he was in...he thought he heard a nurse telling his story...their story. And that when he stepped on her picture the gun missed it's fatal mark. The glass had made an odd cut in his foot...If you looked real closely, you almost make out a jagged "No"....He was found by his brother stopping by to check on him. "It just wasn't his time, huh?" he heard one say. The other nurse said, "yeah he was lucky more than once." "He had a love for the ages and then she saved his life and he doesn't even know it."

Five floors below in the Maternity Ward a newborn baby girl was placed in her mother's arms...her name was to be Sarah Joyce.

The end...or is it the beginning?

ArgosPlumyKooky 45F
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4/22/2006 2:13 pm

luv it i hope it's not the end. . .page turner for sure here .. .. more more more. .

nstantkarma replies on 4/22/2006 2:30 pm:
You think so? I'm not sure. Thanks for the input though. I have a few other ideas too.

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