is he there?  

nshift8 40F
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5/2/2006 6:02 pm

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6/22/2006 12:27 pm

is he there?

I write, "are you there?"
is he still watching me?
I know he has been in my house because I saw footprints on my clean carpet. dirty large man shoes.

my screen blinks

"i'll see you tonight at your office"
"by the way, I like the low-cut blue shirt you ahve on, makes me want to rip it down and expose those large nipples of yours and suck them"


"at 6pm, unlock the front door, and blind fold yourself. I am coming to see you."

oh my god!

I look at the clock at the bottom right hand corner of my computer screen. 5:45pm. he knows I am here alone. omg-

what am I going to use as a blindfold? should I call someone? mmm, Mike is in the shop. Im ok.


What am I going to use as a blindfold? my pussy is so wet my chair is wet.

I am nervous waiting for him. maybe he wont come. I am just fooling myself

the door is unlocked, I sit here with a small cloth over my face, looking as if I feel asleep on the couch.

don't move

i am startled becasue I did not even hear him come in. he puts a hand over the cloth

close your eyes and do not open them

he removes the cloth and replaces it with a tied material around my eyes. I can see nothing.

instantly my shirt is ripped from my breasts and a mouth fastens to my left breast, sucking hungrily, greedily. the other breast is gripped tightly and massaged. my mind is so overwhelmed I do not even know if I can say anything other than gasp. my pants are slipped from my waist and I am spread eagle on the edge of the couch.

I ahve yet to even touch him.

he removes his lips from my breasts and breaths on my pussy hairs, trimmed neatly but still speaking the obvious: "WOMAN".

i knew you would smell and look this way. i ahve been dreaming of this moment. do not move or I will impale you and leave you tied to the floor naked for your office mates to find.

i dare not even breath, his mouth descends to just a hairs distance from my clit, i feel his nose on my hairs, and slowly he sticks his tongue down,m licking me from back to front, deep penetratingly and rough. I feel so used, and yet so desired.

he begins stroking me with his fingers, as he takes my clit into his mouth-his tongue flicking ina circular motion, then side to side. rhythmic, focused, I begin to pant, but still hold myself absolutely still. it is becoming difficult...

his fingers suddenly DIVE into me, I buck.

i told you not to move
what was the punishment

"you said you would leave me tied-I couldn't help it, please forgive me-I won't do it again."

i know you won't

my head slides off the couch as he pulls me to the floor

"no, please"

sht up

he ties my ahnds to the couch legs as I struggle

don't move or will leqave now

I stop fighting him

he ties my legs spread eagle away from me, I do not know what he ties them to, but I can be stretched no further apart. I am suddenly DEEPLY filled with a cock, and I gasp only to ahve my mouth filled with another cock. I can't breath!

don't move, remember...

to be continued...

ut_heathen 42M

5/2/2006 8:54 pm

I can't wait until the next installment!!!

rm_untamedfyre 39M

5/8/2006 5:41 pm

it seems that you have been thinking about these things for quite some time now. tell me, are there no available men in the utah area that suit your needs, or have they all left?

nshift8 40F

5/11/2006 5:31 pm

I haven't found one yet...

skinnyandthick 42M
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5/15/2006 5:16 pm


nshift8 40F

5/16/2006 10:59 pm

Skinnyandthick, that a good "damn" or a bad thing?

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