When will mine come to me>  

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3/18/2006 10:50 am
When will mine come to me>

A gentleman knocks on my door.
I answer, shocked that someone would be knocking at this time of night.

It is a friend, so I let him in and give him a hug. My nipples pressed into his chest, my arms encircling his neck as he bent down to receive the hug.

I was about to take a shower when you came in, I said. Go ahead, I'll wait out here, he replies.

Mmm, i jump in my hot shower, and begin washing myself, forgetting about him being there, just enjoying the heat and the water as it cascades down my chest and off my long erect nipples, down my frame. I decide to shave, lifting one leg to the bar and begin the long even strokes up my legs, my hands following behind the sharp razor. I then love the feel of the smoothness so much, I shave my vaginal area, leaving only a short, trimmed landing strip in the center, my clit playing peek-a-boo in the short hairs.

A knock on my door reminds me of my guest so I cut my shower off after quickly washing my hair. Be right there, I yell.

I put on my chinese silk, black and gold shirt, which shimmers so it looks like my skin is showing thru. My hair is still wet as it cascades down my shoulders to the middle of my shoulder blades in curls. And, I reenter the open area of my living room.

Forgive me for enjoying my shower, I wanted to shave, I state. No problem, he says, you look nice and smell really good.

I laugh and join him on the couch. We begin to watch movies he has brought, and he getly begins rubbing my back. mm, that feels good!

I allow him to mess with my hair, i love that, and then he shocks me.

He grabs my hair and twists it back in his grip, pinning my head still, like grabbing the nape of a cat's neck. He then s circles his fingers of his other hand around my neck, across my collarbone and down toward the edge of my shirt, teasing me, and capturing his breast is his powerful hands. he squeezes and kneads my breasts, causing my lips to part., my eyes to close. I begin to feel wet between my legs.

He continues taking control of me, relaxing and releasing then grabs and taking. Just tasting and touching. I allow him further access. he then begins to BLOW MY MIND.

He begins fingering me, his fingers as big as a dick feels! Stroking me, hitting a spot I have not yet experienced. My words from before come to my mind, "I never lose control", as I completely begin forgetting where I am and begin feeling myself go over the edge. SO QUICKLY! I jump as he hits a spot, as stated previously unknown to me. Then his mouth takes control of my clit, and I begin to shake and quiver. I can not control it, and it lasts, happening over and over...

I lose control...

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