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12/13/2005 2:37 pm

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Thank you

For my first post I have a couple of thank yous to go out. First to Jon that improved my life by making me jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Thanks a bunch man. I truly enjoy life now and wish you all the best out in NY. My second is to all of you here. Thank you for showing me that I can continue to gentleman while persuing my desires (and I don't even have to feel guilty about it!)

Coming from a very conservative and religious family I was raised to believe that the only place for sex was inside marriage. It was very hard to reconcile those beliefs with my strong appetite growing up but I did manage to avoid doing more than visiting rosy until a very agressive woman in college decided she needed revenge on her husband. Once I'd drunk from that well there was no going back so I made a compromise with the beliefs I was raised with by deciding I would only have sex with women I loved. I bet you all can guess where things are going from here. Bad relationship after bad relationship all because I would convince myself I was in love with any woman I had sex with. I've fortunately grown up since then.

Looking back I am amazed and saddened by how dishonest I was with both myself and the women I was with. I am very fortunate not to be stuck in a loveless marriage or fighting over a couple of kids after a divorce like many of the friends I grew up with. The ironic thing is now that I can be honest with both myself and the women in my life about what I want and desire I have a better chance of finding real love because she will really know me instead of the man I'm trying to be.

So once again thank you Jon for helping me gain the confidence to persue my dreams and all of you here at AdultFriendFinder for teaching me I don't have to feel guilty about it.

silkysmoothlegs3 105F

12/13/2005 3:31 pm

Welcome to bloggs babes
You are lucky to have good friends
Hope you find what u seek here
silky xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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