new orleans (say it with the noreast 'o' like boston  

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new orleans (say it with the noreast 'o' like boston

Recently spent 2 months working in post Katrina, New Orleans, helping (mostly grunt work) to install a new emergency 911 system for the city and surrounding parishes.

I hated to leave, but the original job offer was for at least 20 hours overtime, and since it never appeared, the cost of staying down there was almost equal to what i was making. (I call it a working vacation)

Met and worked with some great people...tip of the hat to you dudes.

The most unforgetable people i had the pleasure of spending time with didn't live in new orleans.

I spent many a pleasurable hour with a lady in Slidell, La and with some old friends in Picayune, Miss.

I'd like to tell you more about these people, but i feel i should get their permission first; not that i'll be giving out their phone #s or addresses.

I will tell you that i first met the male half of the couple in Picayune in Sturgis, SD back in '96. He was the old friend of a friend, and his first act of friendship to me was naming my bike.

He didn't intend to do it, but when all was said and done, he had.

Most people would tell me i'm crazy, but she, elbiscayne, ran better after she was named.

Ol' el, was fast out of the crate, but i swear once she had a name it was like muzzle, leash, bit, bridle, saddle were removed and she was free to run; and damn if she didn't.

She started talking to me shortly after that.

I know i wandered away from the topic, but it's my road, and if it goes the long way around, so much the better.

I've written many poems and stories with el in them. They're posted at a site that must remain unamed due to blog guidelines, but they're mine, so maybe i'll post one or two here, as long as 2 conditions are met.

1. I feel like it.
2. I remember to do it.

So if you see a post with the same picture that is attached to this one, it's about or involves el.

What I really wanted to talk about:

We were installing radio equipment on the 21st floor of an office building when a thunder-storm rolled through the city.

Every tv station located in the midwest city that i'm from would be interrupting programing for BEEP BEEP BEEP severe storm warnings.

In New Orleans it was a passing summer shower.

We watched huge rolling black/green clouds come up the river, the city disappearing beneath them as they released their load of rain. Benjamin Franklin wouldn't have dared experiment with electricity in this lightning display. It was all bordered by a clear blue sky and a sun that would burn your eyes.

The storm reached our building; the thunder rattling the glass. If I had a map laid out before me i could've pin-pointed every lightning strike for blocks around.

So amazing.

So powerful.

Thank you New Orleans.


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8/28/2006 8:53 am

No, thank you.

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