What a Ripoff (or Don't Life Suck)  

nrg55 65M
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8/25/2006 10:13 am

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What a Ripoff (or Don't Life Suck)

worked hard my whole life, with more overtime than most people have in regular hours in their careers. rain, heat, snow, hail; so fuckin' cold that there were warnings not to leave your pet out; but i was in it, just so that all you good folk could talk on the telephone and dic around on your computers; did all the right things; married, didn't fuck around, raised my kids to be honest and non-violent. all this just to get to my retirement, where i thought life would be idyllic, having fun with my woman, having sex all hours of the day and night (i can still get it up, whenever and wherever)just to find that my woman is my old lady and just wants to play grandma and as far as she is concerned i can pretty much go and fuck myself. WHAT A RIPOFF.

so i come here and what do i find? women who want to do everything that i want to do, except for the simple fact that i'm married. yeah, like i'm supposed to give up everything that i've worked for to my old lady just so that i can get laid. dream on.

i'm not trying to get in some young gal's pants, by the way. i only try contacting women close to my own age with at least 4 stars. women that i would think had the sense to realize that sex is just sex and can be one-hellava-lot of fun without any more committment than to want to do it again sometimes.

what i've come to realize is that women aren't from venus. they're from wal-mart, k-mart or some damn place that teaches them to keep on shopping until they dot every i on every gnat's ass from here to who knows where in the hope that they'll find a cuddle bumps that they can tell to go fuck themselves.

that's it for now, but you can rest assured that there's more out there that just pisses me off to no end. stay tuned. comments welcomed.

TnWitchyWoman 56F
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8/25/2006 10:34 am

*shrugs* What your looking for is out there. Just takes time to find.

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