Things To Do List....Page 1  

nrg55 65M
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8/28/2006 5:58 pm
Things To Do List....Page 1

1. When Joan Rivers dies, send flowers with a note attached that reads, "There is a God." Note to self: Will probably get a thank you card from her daughter because, after all, she's also a nimrod.

2. Find someone who will take care of #1 on the off chance that i kick before she does.

3. Send note to AdultFriendFinder requesting they add "fucked" or the PC 'screwed' to the 'choose mood' button.

4. Send in annual dues to United Brotherhood of Bearded Lesbians.

5. Send note to Bonnie Raitt, thanking her for getting me through this day.

To be continued..........

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