Do women get "BLUE BALLS?"  

notynnice4u 57F
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4/11/2006 3:59 pm
Do women get "BLUE BALLS?"

it has been commented that "i must not NEED cock, at all, because if i wanted, i could get all that i want. Is nice to know, but for those of you I've chatted with, and have gotten to know me alittle, know that I'm selective. So sue me....Doesn't take away from the fact that it has been MONTHS for me, 15 years with anyone new and I haven't learned how to "MEET AND FUCK" yet.....Yes, I know what site I'm on, am aware of the purpose of it....but still selective. The answer, for me, to my question "Define the Art of Seduction" is this.....get into my head, before getting into my panties. For those of you who are able to "FUCK 'EM AND FORGET 'EM" hey, my hats off to ya. REALLY wish I could. But i wanna be seduced. I wanna be fucking YOU, not just anyone.
The erotic emails, EROTIC, (not pictures of cock) have turned me on....and I've been seduced on the "net", enough to masterbate after many many months....but yet to get cock in me.
Met a very handsome man, yesterday, and decided this would be the man I would loose my "marriage virginity" to (sucking a limp dick in the back of a limo, doesn't count) We met, NOT gonna fuck at first meeting, and we kissed, like I haven't been kissed in a very long time. Sweet and slow at first, then once the pussy took over, more passionate than in the last years of my marriage. But alas, there is only so much that can be done, in public, so we planned to meet later. Should of been meeting tomorrow, but that's not gonna happen. At this point, don't know if that's a SURE thing or not. AGAIN, my pussy is aching and my body LONGS to be caressed. In a sense, I've been "all dressed up" for awhile, with no where to go. Geez, right now I envy you people who can "FUCK 'EM AND FORGET 'EM" Does desperation play a part in that? Do women get the equivalent of BLUE BALLS?

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