What do I have to do????  

notgettingany37 47M
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5/20/2006 4:06 am
What do I have to do????

Well where does one start when writting a blog, this is a first for me so here goes.
Well like my profile says...IM NOT GETTING ANY, and if I do, it is the simple missionary position. I would love my wife of 6 years to be more open when it comes to love making but she is the prudish, inocent type. I have always been the type to try new things, at least once, but talking to my wife is just a waste of time as it only results in an arguement. To be honest I am fed up with my sex life and am looking for something new and wild. I have told my wife that I am bi, something she didn't know at the time of meeting and she accepts this. Since being with my wife I have not played around and it is so frustrating. What do I do....

Package1971 45M
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5/20/2006 8:59 am

That's easy. Put in a porn one day, get naked, and start jacking off and moaning. If she looks at you like you're insane, that's a good thing because you've got her attention. If she says anything, tell her this feels great, and would she like to try some of the things the couples in the porn are doing?

Try to engage her naughty side. No one it THAT innocent.

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