Sending even more my way  

notaslutatall 36F
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7/23/2006 7:30 pm
Sending even more my way

Well, the hotness is out! It seems of late I have been swarmed with the attention of many hot guys (none of which I've slept with). Just tonight at work I got a special treat, a gift from the Gods if you will. It is a coincidence beyond coincidences. Way back in January I was still doing school at Morrisville. I had to take this speech class and I was one of two girls in a class of really attractive guys. To make things even better, I had to give speeches and maintain eye contact with the audience, which was especially unnerving for a horny chic like myself that was trying to purposely forgoe sex and relationships for the sake of my school work. Well to make a long story short, there was this very nice guy that tried hitting on me in class. There was tension between us (sexually) and we both knew it. I ended up skipping the last day of class and graduated thinking I would never see him again. He was just a fleeting racy fantasy I would have when class got too boring. That is, until tonight. Wouldnt you know that guy came into the store tonight? He came up to the counter to say hi and whatnot, big smile and all. I was cheezing like you would not believe. I told him I was working the summer and going to Cortland in the fall. It was really cool seeing him, definitely a hot little moment in time. One I will remember and think about in amazement. In my heart though, I hope I do not see him again because I would prefer to keep it a fantasy. Now the fantasy is kinda destroyed, when it would have been hotter to end it with me never seeing him again. Now I'll be thinking that I may see him at work when I'm all tired and beat. Either way, I got to rejoice in the thrill of a discreet, yet very real and powerful sexual attraction. Hotness wow!

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