So I went to this party...  

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5/1/2006 11:21 am

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So I went to this party...

Hiyas everyone,
I got invited to a swinger/adult party last weekend. Now on the whole this did not incredibly excite me. I am sort of a one on one kind of guy. The party was for couples and single women only. So getting better. I was invited by a female friend who was curious as to what went on out at one of these little gala's. We are just friends so no nookie there, not that I was really expecting any anyway but what the hell could be interesting. I will not go into details of the party but it was more like a JR. High School dance with more sexual tension. It was very poorly planned and executed in my opinion. I was clearly disappointed as was my friend. If any of you out there have any info about parties that actually work out post please. Cheers!


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