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1/8/2006 9:56 am

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the arrival

I arrived in madrid spain the longer, slower, more expensive way, two full days of travel, two planes two trains, two metros and three buses. whew! I met a chech lady on the first plane, we talked the whole flight, it was great, I may have to add chech to the list. I met a english professor from Michigan in london, we talked for thirty minutes. I met an arabic Spaniard who speaks arabic, french and spanish, he was my cabin mate on the second train. we practiced a spanish, with some french, all with arabic accent, very good practice, (i did quite well, we talked for over three hours and he does not speak english). I met a lady, she showed me around the first two days in Spain. ( it was Raining, wasn't there some sort of saying about the rain in spain?) I am staying in a hostel for 18 euro/night right now, not bad, actually it is a private room, with locking door and a sink, and window. Shower is down the hall, the accommodations are quite good actually.

more to follow

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