Not Barbie & Ken, But we are OK!  

noshoe 49M/49F
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4/7/2006 8:34 am
Not Barbie & Ken, But we are OK!

We are not Barbie and Ken, and the people who we know that are; we really don’t wanna be around much. She is always showing off her latest implants and he can’t walk past a mirror without checking himself out.

That being said, we keep ourselves in shape both physically and mentally. We try to work out each day and watch the evening news. We expect the same of people we get together with. Yea we may go a day, two maybe a week with skipping either or both. But if you can’t discuss what’s happening in the world, or you think the airplanes built in the 60s magically have shrunk their seats in the past few years, best you take another look at yourself.

There is a body Mass Index calculator at
enter your height and weight and let an impartial jury decide. If you qualify as obese, odds are we aren’t going to have fun. But boy a LOTTA people e-mail us thinking they are a good fit. Like I said we aren’t Barbie or Ken, but at least take enough pride in yourself and your body that you take the time to not be obese.

And if one of you is in shape but the other is not… work together to eat healthier and exercise together so you both look reasonably normal. Sex is MUCH better when you do. But then what the hell do I know!

Have a day and pass the gravy!

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