The BootyMan's Swingers Game!  

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7/29/2006 11:00 am
The BootyMan's Swingers Game!

this is a game i came up with in high school and have yet to try it out

Players sit in a circle and the bottle is spun to see who goes first. The spinner spins the bottle and whom ever the bottle lands on draws a card. Follow the direction form the card. Once the task of the card is finished the cardholder becomes the spinner.

In a heterosexual non-experimental party and the bottle lands on a member of the same sex, then the cardholder is the closest person of the opposite sex to the right.

Every player starts with 25 chips. There is a chip pool that starts with 5 chips. Whenever a chip is spent but not exchanged, the chip goes into the pool. Chips can be spent and earned through out the game. Chips can also be traded for kisses or one chip can be spent if you do not want to participate in a card activity. If one runs out of chips and still does not want to take part then they should not be playing the game. The gal and the guy with the most chips win a reword of the groups choosing. The most important thing is that people focus on having fun and not just the winning.

This is a classy game so no jeans and T-shirts. (Unless you are having an unplanned game.) Formal wear or pyjamas or for a little more fun try some kind of sexy wear or costumes or something fun like that.


Rub noses


Jackpot for chips
Everyone change places
Top off drinks

A toast to world piece!
Every one takes a drink and 1 chip

A kiss to world piece.
Card holder gets a kiss from all opposite sex players (where applicable)

Highest bidder
People bid chips for a French kiss with the card holder.
At least one chip… some one has to do it. If no one wants to then the cardholder chooses the person on the left or the right.

Exchange 1 piece of clothing
Card holder changes one piece of clothing with the spinner

Spinner dares cardholder. If the cardholder does it then the cardholder gets 3 chips. If the group thinks the dare is too extreme or too lame, then the spinner has to think of a new dare.

3-7min in heaven
This card is for the spinner and the cardholder to go into a closet or bedroom for the time specified on the card to have their way with each other. If a 7min in heaven card is followed by a 3 min in heaven or a 3 then a 7 then they proceed to a 10min in heaven. This does not include a 7 followed by a 7 or a 3 by a 3.

Spinner spanks the cardholder as the group yells more. Keep spanking till the cardholder says give. The cardholder gets a chip for each spank. Max 7 spanks.

Cop a feel.
The spinner hides a chip some where on their body in their clothing. It is up to the cardholder to feel it out. Please tell the cardholder weather or not it is in a private area before they grab your junk. The card hold should ask “can I go there?” and if the spinner says no then only look in “nice” places… if the spinner says “maybe” then you can fondle any where ya like.

Yes, there are striping games, but no one should feel forced to get naked. It’s fun if you do but if you’re not comfortable showing your goods then blankets and towels should be close by to cover your self.

Strip craps
In this game a pair of dice is rolled. Spinner is over 7 and the cardholder is under 7. The winner gains one article of clothing and the loser loses one article of clothing and earns one chip. If a 7 is rolled then the group wins and both spinner and cardholder have to remove 2 articles of clothing and earn 2 chips each.

Rock paper scissors
Loser collects 1 chip and loses one article of clothing. Winner gains one article of clothing.

Strip tease
Make a room as dark as possible. People of the same sex who do not want see can leave because the cardholder is going to put on a strip tease. In the dark room the group watching are pointing flash lights at the cardholder. As the cardholder dances the group give chips. The cardholder does not stop dancing till the group stops giving chips, the dancer is naked, or the dancer feels he or she has gone far enough. If the dancer goes completely naked they get all they clothing back including anything lost before hand. Touching is only involved if the dancer says it is ok.

Private lap dance.
The cardholder bids them self off to the highest bidder. The cardholder gets the chips and takes the winner into a private space for a lap dance. Complete nudity and touching is up to the dancer.

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