Hot or naught  

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5/25/2006 5:45 pm

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Hot or naught

I am amazed by the chemistry that some people have with each other. My Grandparents were married for almost 70 years, they were in love with each other until the day he died. My Grandmother to this day remains stricken with his loss.

While on the other side of town a couple who when they met were so in love they couldn't live another day without each other, either decide to get divorced or to remain married but miserable with the decision.

Yet down the road just a little, a person is so totally, breathlessly in love with someone and the other person has absolutely no interest.

What is it about chemistry that sometimes brings us together for eternity, sometimes brings us together just to crush our spirit, and other times just brings one to be so infatuated with another who could care less, that it just crushes that person. What a contrasting and sometimes horrible feeling. Have any of you ever lived the life after being crushed by a lost love or a close connection that never materialized. Have you said never again just to get burned again?

Personally, I have lived all of the above inside of just one marraige. I was in love the day I met my wife, just to get an "I don't know let me think about it" when I asked her to marry. The next day she said yes, but we lived a marraige which was what everyone else wanted, normal how was your day? Great yours? yada yada yada. After 11 years We decided to divorce, we seperated and went our own way for 4 months, reconciled and now we are best friends. We know each other, trust each other, never lie about anything and I couldn't imagine life without her.

What about you? Any thoughts?

cutemama1982 35F  
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11/20/2009 7:05 am

i know how crazy love can be. i met a guy that i am head over heals in love with when i was 20 but to this day we are still not together due to circumstances i cant control. he is everything i want in a partner and he drives me crazy at the same time maybe one of these days we will get our shit together but im not counting on it. until then we are both in marriage we know are not going anywhere.

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