Did this really happen?  

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5/31/2006 2:37 am

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Did this really happen?

I was dreading the events of the evening, it was just another afterwork business function that I had to attend. I went up to the bar and asked for a beer and while waiting for it slowly looked around to see who was there that I could talk to about work. As I noticed her, I couldn't help but notice her beautiful sultry eyes, her full sexy lips, and as I looked down her body I came to the most sexy and shapely ankles I had ever seen.

As she looked at me, our eyes met and it was an instant moment of electricity. I made my way over and as I went to introduce myself, she looked at me softly and said "Hello Mike, I have been waiting for you" I was instantly shocked and in an awkward moment asked if I knew her, she just smiled and said we have known each other all of my life and that I just had never noticed. She then reached down and slightly pulled my hand, I followed mesmorized by her look and her smell.

As we arrived in front of a room in the hotel, she opened the door and we went in. She kissed me, but it was the most erotic, passionate kiss I had ever had. I tried to talk and she just smiled and said we could talk later. She pushed me over to the bed and tenderly pushed me onto the bed and kissed me again as she unzipped my pants and removed them, she then took my cock in her mouth and sucked on it sending the most electric feelings through my body. As she stood up she allowed the dress she was wearing to slowly slide off her shoulders, exposing the most perfect body I had ever seen. I instantly tried to get up, yet was unable to. She mounted me and for the next two hours we experienced the most amazing sexual experience I had ever known.

She then got up and told me she had to go and that I needed to get dressed. I begged her for just a while longer and she just smiled and said she couldn't that it was time for her to go home. I dressed and she kissed me again, and I had the same electricity as her first kiss, she then said I must hurry as she gently pushed me out the door. As the door began to close, I realized I didn't know her name, or how to get in touch again. I stopped the door before it closed, and went into the room but she wasn't there, the bed was nicely made and the room looked unused.

As I drove home my mind raced with questions, who was this woman, how did she know me, and could I ever find her again? Then the thought occurred to me did this even happen...

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