Real or not  

nopygmy 56M
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8/19/2006 9:13 am
Real or not

Is this site real or not. Just wondering. This will be the second time I'm here. The first time was three years ago and I found that everyone I contacted here in the St. Cloud area were not real. They were just here for fun or games or doing a dare or something. So I left and now I thought I would try it one more time and see if there is any real people here. If your real and live in Minnesota, let me know that I'm wrong.

plsplush37 48F
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8/19/2006 10:40 am

Well , I'm real but... I don't live in Minnesota , Sorry.
But...since you posted this question I felt the opportunity to answer.

I wouldn't think you are doing anything wrong.

I have only been on here for a year now and have met a lot of people.
I am having the time of my life .
Since not in a social situation to meet like minded individuals , this has been the Best place for me.

I have heard from a lot of the people I have met ,mainly Men ,it is harder for them , simply because the Women to Men ratio is not equal ,(depending upon you'r sexual preferance anyway) .

Just be patient and keep looking would be my best advice.

Good Luck to you.

louandal2 65M/60F

8/19/2006 10:48 am

It's real enough - but... the chances of meeting someone really depend on what you are and what you're looking for:-

You appear to be a straight, married, male, who think he's got a big cock and is looking for some nookie on the side so you're chances of meeting anyone are probably quite low. They will improve if you're bi-curious, even better if you're single and bi-curious, and your chances to meet someone are even better if you're a couple (male and female). Posting pictures will improve your chances - espesially if your physical claims are accurate. Actually paying to be on the site will also improve your chances by seperating you from the freeloaders and letting you contact people.

On the other hand ... you live in Minnesota ... I'm not sure I can help you there...

amoldenough 69F
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8/19/2006 12:01 pm

I am real. I am from Michigan, not Minnesota. I can truthfully say that there are real people all over. Maybe you need to change your expectaions a little before you will find a real woman. ( I don't know what your expectations are, just a thought)

"Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."

Hydragenias 56F

8/19/2006 1:20 pm

Welcome to the Blogs! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun here, it's a great place! Please know you are always welcome to stop by my place anytime, even if it's just to say Hi. Don't be a stranger!


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