On the Subject of Fantasies-Part Two  

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5/18/2006 11:08 am

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5/18/2006 10:21 pm

On the Subject of Fantasies-Part Two

Looking back over my sexual history there is one gaping hole...I have never been made love to. I've been fucked many a time...but truly made love to....don't think so. I'm talking about that connection that transcends sex...where the body, mind, soul, heart...all of it is involved. It's soft, gentle, loving, doesn't involve porn or kink...just two people who truly care about each other,fully wrapped up in each other...now for the fantasy....
I'm in the bathtub...at his house... (hey its my fantasy...lol i can be anywhere I want to be). Without my knowing it, he has the bedroom ready....(i wondered why the door was closed ) I'm soaking away the day when he comes in, kneels by the tub and without saying a word begins to wash me....from head to toe...gently, lovingly...i just lay back and enjoy....he takes my hand and helps me out of the tub...wrapping me in the softest and thickest of towels..and leads me to the bedroom. Soft music is playing, the bed is turned down, and there are candles...not a lot of them but just a few set around the room to illuminate the bed....He dries me off and then, knowing my "after bath" routine reaches for the body lotion and lays me back on the bed....After moisturizing every inch of me back and front he strips in front of me...my eyes never leaving his....as he enters me he whispers "you are so beautiful".....from the moment we begin to find that rhythm that comes only with time our eyes never disconnect....even at the end......we never lose that contact. It ends with rush of emotion.....he stays inside me long after .and hey since its my fantasy he holds me in his arms until I fall asleep........and that my friends is my definition of being made love to....here's to the day it happens because it will happen..... smiles and love to all.... NOC2

midwestboy1972 44M  
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5/18/2006 8:13 pm

Very hot and sexy! I needed that after a long day.

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