Happy Happy Me  

noordinarychic2 48F
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8/13/2006 12:12 am

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8/19/2006 10:59 am

Happy Happy Me

So tonight for the first time in a long while i'm going to bed feeling happy, sexy, wanted and most importantly excited about life and all of its possibilities. I have closed myself off for so long...what the hell was I thinking??? hmmm??? School starts in a week ! I aced my first two classes! I've made some wonderful friends over the past few weeks ! I have people who care about me! What more could a girl ask for? And this heart of mine...is in good hands while it heals...and time will make it good as new...with all the trust and openess that i've feared was gone. Smiles and hugs....and if your sat night was as good as mine was...lucky lucky you!! NOC2

luvlee_j1 46F

8/13/2006 8:41 am

....glad to see you feeling good...and yes..you do have people who care

fndsinva 50M

8/13/2006 1:05 pm

I'm glad to hear that you went to bed happy (as well as other things!!). Now you are on the road to being happy all of the time and enjoying being......you!!!

midwestboy1972 44M  
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8/14/2006 4:37 am

You are definitely loved!

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