Come Here Baby!  

noordinarychic2 48F
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8/23/2006 8:23 pm

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8/24/2006 5:07 am

Come Here Baby!

He's had a hard day. What's a girl to do? Well, noc2 has an idea.....I take him by the hand and lead him to the bedroom. (now i know what your thinking...but hey this is so not gonna be a "and i fucked him senseless blog - ) Baby just let me take your clothes don't help look exhausted. Now lay down on your's an extra pillow. Comfy? Now at this point I strip down to my favorite yellow lace thong...(and let me add it is sexy sexy!)I take his hand and the solution for his long day begins. Baby lotion works best...its soft, smells so innocent and place it in a glass of hot water about 10 minutes before...the perfect temperature!) Hmmm...I begin to knead his palm, working the lotion in...between each finger, round and round, his wrist, up his arm, massaging lotion into every tired muscle...paying special attention to his wrist, elbows, shoulders, across the back of his neck...up on arm and down the other. His back is next...more lotion, warmed so it doesn't cause him to jump...kneading, rubbing, alternating between hard and the softest of touches. Down his spine, first one ass check and then the other...pausing of course to run my tongue lightly from that hollow at the base of his spine down his ass...just a little hint of things to come. At this point he's in his own little heaven...which was exactly my plan! Down one leg...and then a foot massage...much like the hands...every toe gets attention...every nerve ending in his feet...up the other! Darlin, turn over for me.....and he does. I do the front of his legs..up his chest...carefully avoiding his crouch because after all...i'm trying to relax him I plant a soft kiss on his forhead. Better now? As he answer i trail my tongue down the center of his chest and take his cock into my mouth...swirling my tongue around and loving how it feels as it hardens in my mouth....and that hard day he had....has disappeared into a mist of baby lotion scented bliss. Soft goodnights...noc2

rm_prank123 33M
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8/23/2006 10:00 pm

Sounds like you know what your doing, I wish I was him getting that rubb down and then getting pleasured, it a win win situation.

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