Now what is the moral behind such coincidence?  

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7/10/2005 6:33 am

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Now what is the moral behind such coincidence?

Well this time, I had a different friend who stopped over in Dubai staying at my place.
No need to ask you what’s on every body’s mind; so with out further due I call up the two girls from “Least Expected” that I had great fun with previously.

We meet them at a certain pub. First impression, is that they don’t get a long very well with this new friend of mine. So my suggestion was not to spend much more time there, and we head to my place (what I had in mind is giving all plenty of my great cocktail recipe that might make my friend more acceptable). In the car, unlike the other time, we all were very respectable; and my worries begin to mount!!
Finally we are home, and am preparing the secret recipe of joy. Cheers everybody. They love it and decide to call it by my initials. Gradually now my friend is being so huggable. (Great it looks that we are heading there). One of the girls decides that we should play spin the bottle!!(At this age?!!). Well ok why not, after all the one who losses starts taking his/her clothes off. Meanwhile I am constantly replenishing supplies of my “Double J” cocktail. Strange enough the tip of the bottle keeps pointing towards my friend most of the time and he is now almost naked and we are laughing our heads off.
To guarantee a proper build up, I suggest that bodily accessory (watches, earrings, etc.) and that drags on for long, but am not complaining.
Suddenly, it strikes me that one of the girls, has the most beautiful feet/toes that I ever saw. I rush to the kitchen make huge amounts of “Double J” and pour it in a small bucket. All have this big question mark, but I am about to cum with joy!!
The ladies feet/toes and gentlemen’s dicks go into the bucket, and that how we will be having our drinks now. All welcome the idea and that was the best “cock”tail that all of us ever had, specially having it mixed with the huge amounts of squirt one of the ladies was supplying. My friend and I are about to cum, and one of the ladies takes our dicks from inside both of them, pulls down our condoms, and point our dicks towards her friend’s face and we both shoot big amounts of cum at her face. She quickly dips her tongue in the bucket, and then slowly licks off the cum from her lady friend’s face.

The next mid day, while we are all happily squeezed in one bed, the bell rings (important note, that now I have moved places and am living in a villa and not in a flat). I ignore it since I figure it is somebody who wants to sell me some kind of a futile service. After a while, I go to the kitchen to make us coffee, and try to tidy up a little from last night. I go out to throw the trash (and needless to say how do I look and what do I smell of from all the action), and can’t believe what I saw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A police vehicle with many officers is parked at my villa’s main entrance. (come on now, what is this: twilight zone?!!). With me having the most perplexed expression on my face, one of the officers asks me if I recognize a car he was pointing at. Yes it is my friend’s car. He goes on saying that one of the neighbors has pumped into it and has called them up to fill a report so the insurance covers for both of us.

Ok, now am relieved but most occupied with the moral of the story, why is it each time I am with those girls, the police show of for some reason or another?

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