we all have something  

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6/24/2006 8:39 am
we all have something

Hi, my name is Marty. I am a babyboomer that became a radical left wing , anti everything , rebellious , peace loving , long haired , sandel and tie tye waring , pot smoking , college going drop out flower powered hippie. With that said?
I went out in life not knowing a damm thing , yet thinging you couldn't tell me any thing because i did't want to here because , of cource , i new it all. Witch really made me a closed mined fool if you really think about it. Remember we were going to change the world?
From all that eventually came i quess what is called a life, that sure sounds negative , witch is and became a part of my life but that part of the story will come later. I just didn't know anything about the disease that tells you you don't have it. More later.
I went out in the world not wanting to grow up and doing what i was told i was, a failure. I started out geting married at 20 to a women i loved and was my first at 17. I screwed that up by messing around and i broke her heart and it ruiened mine too. There's alot more to that story that may come up later too. I refused to see my part in all that and set out to hate all women and become a womanizier.
True story. At 18 in the year 1971 the " draft " was in efect for mantitory military service. Get this, you could be killed for your country at 18, yet you could not legally drink in a bar. Anyway, in "71" i had just got out of high school and was planning to go to college in the fall. This year, 1971 , was the first year they had a " lottery " to pick you for service. It was a system where a number was drawn from the 365 days in the year that matched your birthday. Here is how it worked for me. My # drawn for my birthdate was # 1. Taa Daa ! This meant i was going to "Nam'. I remember the day well. I was working at southern high school, where i graduated from, the summer just after my graduation, with alot of my friends watching this " lottery " live on TV. When my day came up # 1 my heart must have missed a beat. Right away i started trying to think of ways to " get out of it ".I talked to all my " hippie " friends for ideas. I remember Russ, who was into guitar and he was " messing ' around jamming and i when over to him and asked him to play me some blues. O yea, as is said, bye the way, " 71 " was the first year college deferrments was dropped to stay out of the service. Here i am, just got out of high school, Planning to get married and starting college that fall. The floor had dropped out from under me in my life, this was the first time, more later. Here's what happened. I had decided to go with a medical route to stay out. I started to go see a doctor about a dizziness i had from time to time. I had passed out at least once that i remember. So the day came to get the physical. I went thru the regular stuff and at the end you had to talk to a scrink. We talked and then he said wait while he went to talk with the other scrinks, after what seemed to be forever, he came back and i got deferred " theres that word again " for a year. I kept taking the meds and saw the doc once or twice, then went back after a year. after the whole rutine again, somehow i have never had a classification to this day? Taa Daa ! So i got the once over, twice.

All truth passes through three stages:

First, it is ridiculed;

Second, it is violently opposed; and

Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860

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