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6/29/2006 2:53 pm
Writings for friends

Blindfolded, he's got me blindfolded and outside. I know this place is secluded but blindfolded? Does he know how much I trust him right now? A touch. Soft yet insistent on my breast, his lips, I hope, caress my other breast. I feel my nipples tighten in response to his touch. I hear his breathing, something I seldom recognize. Now he kisses the back of my neck, warm breath sends shivers down to my core and down my legs too. Hands reaching around me, holding my breasts in the most loving fashion. Caring for each on, slowly twisting nipples, another jolt to my core. I feel his manhood pressing aggressively against my ass. I lean back into him and allow his body to hold mine. His hands touch me in so many places, I feel so desired and beautiful. I want to lay down and give him my whole being. He reads my mind apparently because I'm being lowered to the blanket that we've brougtht. I lay back and feel the earth through the blanket. Now he's kissing me where his hands have already left tiny trails of lust. My spirit is soaring knowing that I'm safely laying here and I am giving myself freely to this man. He takes me so carefully, exploring me. I feel his hands on my legs, my arms, my stomach. He kisses me everywhere and oh when he sucks at my breast it is as though I'm alive on another dimension. He can't know that my body is crying out for him to take me, to make me his completely. Hands reach down again to my legs, this time entreating me to spread them and I do so willingly, thrilled that he has done so. I feel him move around me and place himself between my legs, praying he'll enter me so I can allow this passion to finally explode I realize that it is not to happen yet. I feel kisses and licks on my inner thigh, my breath leaves me for a moment. His hands are exploring again and I feel as though he is looking at my center and I feel dampness begin to flow for him. He sighs his approval and I feel him move closer, warm breath again causing my body to beg for more. Finally his tongue caresses my clit. Fire is lit inside me and I'm buring for him. Does he know? Can he see what's he's doing to me? Can he feel my fire burning so hot? My hips raise to his move of their own accord. I've lost control of my senses and now I respond based on raw feelings. As his tongue licks at my fire, his fingers begin to stoke the fire internally. I do not know if I should cry out or lay silently and intently feel his amorous attention. Not certain, I give up completely. Any sound that escapes me is from my inner being. Then the earth shatters as I cum in spasms. I cry out for him to take me. I want him at a very primevel level. Long past human recognition, the animal passion in me begs for him and he enters me. Coupling as one soul, our passion is intensefied. He is taking me where there is no rules. And I love him for it. He takes me and we revel in the feel of ourselves entwined together and loving one another. Achieving new heights of passion each time we think we've found the top. Spent, we lay together in each other's arms, silent, breathing.

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